School Seminar Program

Engineering optical resonances in nanostructured dielectric materials for nonlinear photonics

Dr Kirill Koshelev
Nonlinear Physics Centre, Department of Fundamental and Theoretical Physics, Research School
of Physics, Australian National University

In recent years, the manipulation of light at the nanoscale became a central challenge in photonics and electromagnetism due to the miniaturization of optical components. Nanostructured materials and surfaces relying on the confinement of light energy through excitation of optical resonances provide substantial enhancements of localized electric and magnetic fields. The resonant enhancement is of special importance for nonlinear photonics that relies on the magnitude of optical power density inside the material. In this talk, I will describe our recent efforts on engineering new types of optical resonances with superior properties for better control and trapping of light at the nanoscale. I will first review the recent advances in meta-optics and nanophotonics associated with the so-called bound states in the continuum (BICs). Such resonant states possess high quality factors and enable strong local field enhancement due to controllable cancellation of radiative losses. I will demonstrate how the BICs in nanostructured surfaces with broken symmetry can be used for tailoring the nonlinear response, including applications to harmonic generation, self-action and nonlinear chiroptical response. Next, I will present a novel strategy for dielectric nanophotonics: resonant subwavelength confinement of light in air. I will demonstrate that the so-called Mie voids, created in highindex dielectric host materials, support localized resonant modes with exceptional optical properties. In particular, I will show how the Mie voids can be experimentally utilized to achieve bright, intense, and naturalistic colors for nanoscale color printing.

Dr Kirill Koshelev is an early-career researcher working on the theoretical and numerical models for a broad range of cross-field nanophotonic applications from biosensing to laser generation and nonlinear optics. He has very recently received a PhD in Physics from the ANU and is currently a Research Fellow at the Research School of Physics. During his PhD, he developed new approaches for resonant light confinement in optical metasurfaces and nanoantennas. Dr Koshelev has received multiple awards from national and international optical societies for his contributions to the field of optics and photonics, including SPIE, IEEE and ANZOS postgraduate scholarships. He has been included on the list of top 2% most cited researchers in the world in the cross-field category in 2021 and 2022 by Stanford University. His current h-factor is 23 WOS, 26 Google Scholar. Publications include more than 30 papers in peer-review journals from the first quartile, with above 4500 citations (Google Scholar).

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