Mid Term Review

Active and topological metaphotonics

Mr Aditya Tripathi

Nanophotonics over the years has grown from being just an area of research to unravel new physics to an avenue having opportunities in both novel phenomena and device applications. One distinctive feature of typical nanophotonic systems is that they operate on extremely low energy levels but still are robust enough to deal with dramatically high energy densities. The prospect of device applications however is tarnished due to energy losses via diffraction and material properties. The way around this roadblock is offered by active metaphotonics, which marries the concepts of engineering the efficiency of light trapping (meta-photonics) and those of light matter interaction (engineering gain media). As a consequence of the ability to play with both device structures and materials, research in active metaphotonics is vital for development of optical as well as optoelectronic devices. In this research on active metaphotonics, I propose to work on both engineering light trapping to add new optical capabilities by means like Topology, P-T symmetry, Bound states in continuum (BICs), exceptional points etc and also on exploiting the properties of different materials like upconversion nanoparticles, transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs), perovskites, quantum dots etc to manipulate spatial gain and loss distributions. Due to advancement in nanofabrication technology, various device applications including lasing, light sources, and functional devices have been demonstrated. The discovery of tunable resonances in dielectric structures, provides new opportunities to generate concentrated bright hotspots for various novel applications like linear and non-linear microscopy/spectroscopy, lasing devices, light sources and other functional devices. 

Date & time

Fri 5 Aug 2022, 2–3pm


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