Departmental Seminar

Enhanced light harvesting and emission via disordered plasmonic metasurfaces – and a few other topics

Professor Stefan Maier
Imperial College London

Plasmonic colloids are small metal particles that can enhance optical responses in devices. This research has application is in colour generation, and solar light harvesting.  

There have been decades of research into light-matter interactions with plasmonics. They enhance the optical response by tuning to resonances or a Fabry-Perot cavity. This can tailor for desired spectral features in reflection and transmission, as well as absorption.  

This presentation will introduce dense, disordered, colloidal plasmonic arrays that demonstrate reflective narrow spectral bands for colour generation. They show that the far-field properties are independent of the colloidal material. As a result, this provides a means for decoupling near- and far-field optical response.  

Professor Stefan Maier received his PhD in Applied Physics from Caltech in 2003 and spent the following 15 years in the UK, where he continues to hold the Lee-Lucas Chair in Experimental Physics at Imperial College London. His previous academic leadership roles were Head of the Experimental Solid State Physics Group, and Director of Postgraduate Studies, both for the Department of Physics at Imperial. 

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Date & time

Fri 8 Jul 2022, 11am



Leonard Huxley Lecture Hall


Members of RSPE welcome