Mid Term Review

Rare-Earth Doped Mode Locked Laser on a Chip

Mr Yile Zhong
Laser Physics Centre, Research School of Physics

The research field of short pulse mode locked laser (MLLs) has drawn extensive interest since the technique of mode locking was proposed in 1964. So far, three Nobel Prizes have been awarded to its related research: Chirped-pulse amplification, femtochemistry and optical frequency combs. And it has truly revolutionised the field of our daily life applications, such as telecommunication, medical, material processing and agriculture. However, current MLLs exist in the market is bulky, expensive and require continuous maintenance. Today, cost-effective, compact and practical MLLs are urgently sought; probably the best option is to design and integrate all the necessary optical components on a chip, which can be a game-changer for the market. Although integrated semiconductor lasers have been the subject of intense investigation, they cannot store significant energy for high energy pulse generation. In this presentation, an integrated rare-earth doped MLL will be proposed. This includes the simulation and realisation of a chip-based component for the laser construction, such as saturable absorber (SA), coupler and low-loss waveguide. After components performance has been discussed, modelling and analysis for the whole on-chip MLL are also demonstrated to prove such a laser is feasible to realise.


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Fri 24 Sep 2021, 1–3pm


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