Departmental Seminar

Effective Nonlinear Wavefront Shaping via 3D Nonlinear Volume Hologram

Mr Shan Liu
Australian National University

3D nonlinear photonics crystal (NPC) was demonstrated experimentally in 2018 and become a popular area of research. Due to the extra dimension, unprecedented functions of NPC were explored, especially on the structured second harmonic wave generation aspect, for instance, efficient nonlinear wavefront shaping, volume holography and quasi-phase-matching-division multiplexing. Although these exist works has higher efficiency which could not be obtained by 2D NPC, the efficiency is still at 10-8 to 10-5 level and could not be used for real world applications. To address this shortcoming, we proposed a novel colinear wavefront shaping NPC structure and get a SH conversion efficiency of 4% in experiment with pulsed laser pump. Moreover, CW laser was used as pump source to generate structured SH light from our designed structures and efficiency of X% was achieved. To the best of our knowledge, this pulsed laser pump conversion efficiency of SH wave front shaping via 3D NPC is 3 scales higher than previous reported work and CW laser pumping has not been reported before due to the low conversion efficiency. This work paving the way of 3D NPC application in area of quantum optics and structured light manipulation.

Date & time

Fri 27 Aug 2021, 4–5pm


Via Zoom Meeting ID: 875 3114 3679 Password: YBuxb6


Members of RSPE welcome