School Seminar Program

Introducing the ARC Centre of Excellence for Dark Matter Particle Physics

Professors Andrew Stuchbery and Greg Lane and Dr Lindsey Bignell
Department of Nuclear Physics, Research School of Physics, ANU

There is very strong astronomical evidence that 80% of the mass of the universe consists of dark matter which must consist of a new type of particle or particles. The ARC Centre of Excellence for Dark Matter Particle Physics aims to discover, or at least constrain, the particle nature of dark matter. The Centre assembles a team of physicists from particle, nuclear, and quantum physics as well as particle astrophysics. It will deliver high-profile experiments using new technologies and will exploit the unique geographical location of the first underground physics laboratory in the

Southern Hemisphere. In this seminar, Andrew Stuchbery will introduce the Centre, giving an overview of the activities, and report on the status of the Stawell Underground Physics Laboratory. Greg Lane will give an overview of the research program with an emphasis on dark matter direct detection and the SABRE experiment. Lindsey Bignell will report highlights of the research underway here at ANU.

Professor Andrew Stuchbery is Head of the Department of Nuclear Physics, Manager of the ANU Node of the ARC CoE, Member of the Centre Executive Board, and Member of the SUPL Steering Committee.

Professor Greg Lane is the Research Theme Leader for WIMP Direct Detection in the new Centre, the Technical Coordinator for the SABRE South experiment and the Australian member of the International Steering Committee for the CYGNUS collaboration.

Dr Lindsey Bignell is a research fellow with the Centre of Excellence for Dark Matter Particle Physics. He has research interests in WIMP direct detection and applications of particle detectors. He is a member of the SABRE and CYGNUS collaborations



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Date & time

Wed 21 Oct 2020, 11am–12pm


Zoom Event


Members of RSPE welcome