Mid Term Review

Algebraic and pictorial description of the superintegrable chiral Potts model

Mr Remy Adderton
ANU - Dept. of Theoretical Physics

The hamiltonian of the N-state superintegrable chiral Potts chain can be written in terms of a coupled algebra defined by N - 1 types of Temperley-Lieb generators.

I will present a pictorial representation of this coupled algebra for the N=3 case which involves a generalisation of the well known pictorial representation of the Temperley-Lieb algebra to include a line or pole around which loops can become entangled. The pictorial representation provides a graphical proof of the algebraic relations. A crucial ingredient in the resolution of diagrams is a crossing relation for loops encircling a line.

This pictorial representation also applies to a staggered XX spin chain used as a basic model (the Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model) for a topological insulator. It is anticipated that this algebraic/pictorial approach may lead to further progress in understanding various aspects of the superintegrable chiral Potts model. 

Zoom meeting: https://anu.zoom.us/j/94410043289?pwd=NVRRd3FBbGRFRVY5bkZENy9MNGZYZz09

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Date & time

Wed 5 Aug 2020, 2–1pm


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