Departmental Seminar

Dilute loop models: some recent results

Yvan Saint-Aubin

Yvan Saint-Aubin
Département de mathématiques et de statistique, Université de Montréal

The dilute loop models were first introduced by Bernard Nienhuis as an attempt to generalize the O(n) models while preserving integrability. The family of lattice models he constructed was quickly probed numerically and using the Bethe ansatz. It was argued that their continuum limits would be conformal field theories and a conjecture for their central charge was proposed.

Their interest for mathematical physics lie in the fact that observables can be studied with geometric and algebraic tools. Recent results about their geometry (fractal dimensions of their loops) and their algebraic structure (classification of the principal indecomposable modules of the underlying algebra) will be reported.

Date & time

Wed 5 Jun 2013, 11am–12pm


Le Couteur (Bldg #59), L.3.17


Staff, students and public welcome