Mid Term Review

Unconventional Photonics with Dielectric Metasurfaces

Mr Shaun Lung
PhD student, Nonlinear Physics Centre

Polarization control is a fundamental technique in research and engineering, from metrology to quantum experiments. Metasurfaces comprised of engineered sub-wavelength structures provide a versatile platform to implement strong polarization control, thus offering novel schemes for the control and transformation of polarization in both classical and quantum regimes.

In this seminar, I will summarize the theoretical and experimental work I have performed to date on manipulating polarization using highly transmissive all-dielectric metasurfaces, focusing primarily on metasurfaces harnessing analytically designed diffractive losses to perform unconventional polarization manipulation. In particular, my work on binary metasurfaces which perform non-hermitian polarization transformations, as well as work on multi-part metasurfaces for impure state reconstruction will be presented.

Date & time

Fri 30 Aug 2019, 11am–12pm



Seminar Room


Members of RSPE welcome