Departmental Seminar

W-algebras and Vinberg's problem for centralizers

Tomoyuki Arakawa

Tomoyuki Arakawa, RIMS Kyoto

Applying some results on W-algebras we prove the existence of a quantization of Mishchenko-Fomenko algebras for centralizers in gl(n,C) generalizing earlier results of Olshansky-Nazarov, Tarasov, Rybnikov and Feigin-Frenkel-Toledano-Laredo. Physically, the problem is closely related with the Gaudin models associated with centralizers. This is a joint work with Alexander Premet.

Date & time

Fri 10 May 2013, 2–3pm


John Dedman building, Seminar room G35


Staff, students and public welcome