Physics Higher Degree Supervisor Training Workshop Announcement

Published in the Research School of Physics Event Horizon
Vol46 Issue28 19–23 July 2021

Repeat of Workshop 1
Note: if you attended the Workshop on the 16th of April, this will be the same workshop. We plan to hold workshops on new topics later this year.

Topic: Establishing the student-supervisor relationship
Aim: This workshop will empower supervisors to effectively clarify expectations with their students and thereby optimise the value of the Candidate-Supervisor agreement

In particular the workshop will provide supervisors with

  1. The opportunity to learn about the value of this process in establishing a platform for students to succeed - including perspectives from current or past students
  2. The chance to hear from other supervisors about their expectations - including supervisors from other fields
  3. The chance to reflect on their own expectations and alternative modes of work
  4. Specific discussion of the ANU student-supervisor contract documentation 
  5. Specific discussion on negotiating agreed terms and addressing issues that arise out of the contract not being met 

When: 12:45-2:45 pm Friday 10th of September 2021
Where: Physics South Leonard Huxley Teaching Room, H4.20 Building 56

You can enrol using Eventbrite by clicking on this link

Enrollment is required to ensure that we do not exceed the room capacity (17).

If we are over enrolled preference will be given to less experienced supervisors and those whose registration as a supervisor has expired. 

Further local workshops will be held again later this year or in future years 

The course is free