Notice of Intent (NoI) Form for NHMRC schemes opening in 2021 (Q1)

Published in the Research School of Physics Event Horizon
Vol45 Issue51 21–25 December 2020

NHMRC Investigator Grants 2021

This fellowship scheme provides salary support and research costs for the highest performing researchers at all career stages in biomedical, clinical, public health and health services research. Opens 03/02/2021 Closes 31/03/2021

NHMRC Synergy Grants 2021

This scheme supports outstanding multidisciplinary teams looking to address major problems in all areas of human health and medical research from discovery to translation. Opens 24/02/2021 Closes 21/04/2021

NHMRC Ideas Grants 2021

The objective of the Ideas Grant is to support innovative research in the area of health and medicine that addresses a specific question. Opens 10/03/2021 Closes 05/05/2021

NHMRC Postgraduate Scholarships

The Dora Lush Basic Science steam of this scheme is expected to be the most relevant to eligible CoS HDR students. Opens 14/04/2021 Closes 09/06/2021

If you would like to apply for (or are contemplating applying for) any of the above schemes through ANU or another institution (externally led), please fill in this form by Monday 25 January when the form will close. The form should take less than a minute to complete per application you intend to submit.

For queries in relation to any of the above schemes, please contact us at