PhB - mentors needed

Published in the Research School of Physics Event Horizon
Vol45 Issue8 24–28 February 2020

2020 PhB (Physics) update
Thank-you to everybody who supported the PhB physics students in 2019 by supervising projects and serving on the marking panel. Your time is very much appreciated.

In 2019 we had 15 new PhB students allocated mentors from physics and hosted 31 Advanced studies courses (ASC). In 2020 we need 16 new mentors (see below). 

A few reminders about the PhB program:
ASC project courses: All PhB Physics projects (ASCs) in physics are marked by a panel that generally consists of staff that have supervised a Physics PhB student that semester. Thus, as part of the responsibilities of taking on a PhB student project you will be asked to participate in that session's marking panel. The time commitment is marking between 1-4 projects and attending a 1 hr meeting to discuss your notes on the report and agree on a mark.
Students really need and value feedback on their work. If you supervise a ASC you will also need to provide a short paragraph (as part of the assessment form) to be passed on to the student as formal written feedback. Be specific and to the point. General stuff (ie well done, good project, works well etc) wont help them improve. What did they do well? What could they improve?
The PhB team are really trying to ensure that the students stick to their deadlines in 2020. Please help us with this do not just grant a student a 2 week extension without a really strong reason. Discuss the importance of time management and deadlines with the students - they need guidance from you as the supervisor in terms of expectations and how to set a series of milestones for the project timeline. The ASC Guidelines can be found here:
ASE: Guidelines for ASEs can be found here:

New mentors required: I need 16 academic mentors for out new PhB students. Pls contact me if you would be happy to take on a new PhB student. All that is required is 1-2 meetings per semester to have a general chat. Some students take projects  with their mentors, some do not. Some students request guidance on subject selection - some students do not. Don't worry if you don't know all the details - you can always re-direct them to Joe Hope or myself for specific questions.

The PhB Guide for 2020 (mostly for students but might be useful for staff who dont know much about the program) can be found here for anyone who is interested:

-Jodie Bradby
PhB Physics disciplene co-ordinator