Contacts for RSPE – College Jaeger Hub

Published in the Research School of Physics Event Horizon
Vol44 Issue26 1–5 July 2019

Contacts for RSPE – College Jaeger Hub


Research Management


ARC Applications:

NHMRC Applications:

Name                                  Position                                 Phone Number

Samantha Donohoe              Senior Officer                          54376

Nian (Jenny) Jiang                DQS Senior Officer                   59597

Meredith Thomas                  EME Senior Officer                   50553

Anthea Jayaratnam               Post Award Officer                   58033

Thu Roberts Le (Weds-Fri)     Assistant Manager                   55669

Vanessa Driver (Mon-Weds)   Assistant Manager                   56589


Finance –

Name                                Position                                   Phone Number

Faee Tarmadi                     Assistance Finance Manager        51554

Mariana Ng                        Senior Finance Officer                54286

Mateusz Malzacher              Senior Finance Officer                55187

Pascal Zhang                      Senior Finance Officer                50414

Suzanne Fan                       Finance Officer                          59323


Human Resources –

Name                               Position                                   Phone Number

Bel Smith                          Consultant                               54274

Leah Martin                       Officer                                     59617

Aaron Smith                      Assistant Manager                    56135