ARC Peer Review Scheme

Published in the Research School of Physics Event Horizon
Vol43 Issue54 29 January–2 February 2018

ARC Peer Review Scheme

The School Directors of RSAA, RSC, RSES and RSPE have agreed to host a joint peer review for all DP19 proposals received by the Research Office deadline (31 Jan – next Wednesday!) and DE19 proposals (22 Feb). A panel of successful applicants will be assembled from all Schools to provide feedback as an informal replica of the ARC selection committee or ‘panel’. Your proposal will be included in the peer review – unless you specifically opt out.

How to be included in peer review

How to opt-out of peer review

DECRA follows the same process – if you submit your DE19 to the Research Office on 22 February your proposal will be peer reviewed unless you specify otherwise. Late proposals will not be peer reviewed.

*Incomplete proposals will not be reviewed by the Research Office, however they may be submitted for peer review. Please note in your email that your proposal is for peer review only.

For further details please contact the Research Office.