Oxford PhD Exchange - 2023-2024 Round

Published in the Research School of Physics Event Horizon
Vol48 Issue7 20–24 February 2023

The 2023-2024 round of the Oxford PhD Exchange (ANU to Oxford University) is a tremendous opportunity for ANU Higher Degree Research (HDR) candidates to engage in independent research at Oxford University, audit classes, attend workshops and, network with academics working in their field. This opportunity is open to all disciplines.

Applicants for this exchange should be aware that first term at Oxford is from October-December 2023, second term is from January-March 2024 and third term is from April-June 2024.

Eligibility/Selection criteria 
Exchange nominees will be selected by ANU based on the following eligibility/selection criteria. Applicants must:

Please also note:

How to apply
A complete application must include:

  1. Explanation of your PhD project and how it will benefit from this exchange at Oxford University [up to 500 words].
  2. Identification of which Oxford University academic term(s) you are applying for, or whether you are applying for a whole Oxford University academic year.
  3. Academic Transcripts from your most recent qualification.
  4. A letter of support from your ANU Chair of Panel detailing how this exchange will support your program.
  5. A letter of support from an appropriate supervisor at Oxford University (e.g. copy of email conversation).

Completed applications must be submitted to the Graduate Research Office (GRO) via email to: gro@anu.edu.au

Applications open on 24 January 2023 and close on 5 March 2023

The ANU can nominate (to Oxford University) up to three candidates for this year’s exchange. 

Oxford University will then have the final say on whether to accept the ANU nominee(s) based on Oxford University’s Statutes, Rules, Orders, policies, procedures, general principles of selection and any special requirements applying to the particular course of study of the nominee(s).