As You See It! Photography Competition

Published in the Research School of Physics Event Horizon
Vol47 Issue30 1–5 August 2022

When you think of Science, Health and Medicine, what do you see? The micro world at the end of a microscope? The flora or fauna outside your office window? Maybe it's the ANU bush campus or the clear, starry night sky. We would like to see it As You See It! 

Competition categories:

Flora & fauna: Share a shot of life, be it birds and bees or pollen and trees. Whether it’s a chance encounter or your research subject,show us what flora and fauna inhabits your space.

Health, wellbeing and community impact: How do you manage your health and wellbeing? Do you volunteer, teach, communicate or advocate? Share an image of what has impact to you and the community.

In the lab or down the scope:  Do you use any interesting equipment? Or take unique and interesting shots of a micro world? Share your lab or what you see when you look down the scope.

Our campus:  We love our campus in the bush capital! Share a shot or memory of your time on campus.

Your environment:  Share your environment, the view from your office window or a space that’s special to you, be it in Canberra or from across the globe.,

The night sky:  Look up and beyond the night sky, show us what you see!