inSTEM Conference – July 20-21 2022

Published in the Research School of Physics Event Horizon
Vol47 Issue27 11–15 July 2022

Networking is a key strategy for career progression, yet numerous studies have shown that women’s networks are less powerful than men’s and that women seem to be less equipped to leverage the networks they do have when it comes to their career. Further research has found that this is not an issue specific to women but is indicative of the experiences of marginalised groups in general.

inSTEM will offer attendees a safe space where they can meet, make connections and build relationships with other researchers and research scholars.  Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from leading experts on topics and strategies that support career development and progression.  We will also discuss how to create change that improves access, supports retention and champions success in STEM for individuals from marginalised or underrepresented groups.

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We are also looking for volunteers – free tickets to those that can help on the day. Contact if you are interested in supporting this event with your time.