NHMRC Ideas Grants Funding Round for 2022

Published in the Research School of Physics Event Horizon
Vol47 Issue10 14–18 March 2022

If you did not previously submit an NoI but in the interim have decided to apply (including as part of an external application submitted by another university), please contact us as soon as possible at science.jaeger.rm@anu.edu.au. Those who’ve notified us will receive direct communication about resources and document updates as they become available.

Key Dates

** Submission-ready applications due, submitted to the Research Office in Sapphire.

Applications may subsequently be released back to applicants for important corrections, by discussion with Research Office. See College Executive Hard Deadline policy here for further information.

Important Information and Changes
For the 2023 scheme you should be aware of some important notes and changes:

Co-funding Opportunities in 2023:
Each year, NHMRC conducts the peer review of applications on behalf of other funders to identify applications suitable for their funding programs. Applicants seeking funding from these funders in addition to NHMRC must also comply with any additional criteria, including separate application forms from the relevant funding organisation. Co-funders in this round are listed below.

Please see the Grant Guidelines and the Funding Partners document (attached, or in the downloads section of the Ideas Grants page on the intranet) for further details. At least one funding body/partner must be selected (NHMRC, Cancer Australia or Cancer Council), while selecting a gap funder is optional.

Support Resources:
Application resources, including grant guidelines, templates, tip sheets and other support information, will be made available on the College of Science Intranet here, as they become available:

School Approval to Apply:
School/delegate approval must be sought for each application you submit as an ANU researcher via the CPA Tool (whether led by ANU or another university).