Returning to Campus

Published in the Research School of Physics Event Horizon
Vol46 Issue49 13–17 December 2021

From the 15th of November, in line with reduced ANU restrictions for COVID, Staff and students who wish to attend campus can directly utilise the following link to access the re-entry form:
Once you have read, understood and agreed to the form your access will be reinstated within 24hrs. This is mandatory, but no further action on your part will be required. 

Visitors and external parties will need to confirm they have read, agreed and understood to the Schools COVID protocols before they can enter the School. This can be via email. Confirmation of this, the person’s identity and where they are coming from must be forwarded to before they can attend site.

This process will remain in place until the ANU reverts back low/green alert levels.  

Mask wearing is now in line with ACT Health guidelines, but it is strongly encouraged that they are worn as an added safety measure. They must be worn in high risk settings such as one on one training and where multiple people are in close contact in labs or workshops.

Keep up to date with other changes on the ANU COVID pathway website. Be aware that local area procedures are in addition to general ANU wide procedures.