Vehicle bookings

There are a number of transport options available for business purposes in Physics.

ANU carshare scheme

The ANU agreement with Flexicar (Hertz Australia) to provide car sharing services to The ANU commenced 16 April 2021. Details can be found on the services carshare website.

  • For ANU business use please enter the budget code R43510 (Physics only).
  • For private use please provide your personal credit card details.

Any penalty costs (late fees, etc.) will be charged to your department.

Careshare vehicles may be parked in any general authorised or surface permit parking space on campus.

Flexicar Booking »

ANU owned motor vehicles

ANU Physics operates a number of vehicles that are available for business purposes for our Staff and HDR students. The use of these vehicles is restricted to areas of the ACT and surrounds. Details of how to book these are:

Make and typeRegoLocationBookings
Isuzu flat bed truckYJB68ZCockcroft Building - storesPhysics Stores, Cockcroft Building #58
Toyota forkliftYHD42PCockcroft Building - storesPhysics stores - forklift licence & training required

Before any University vehicle can be used please complete the Authority to Drive a University Vehicle form and return to either ANU Physics Reception or DQS Administrator. This form must be authorised by the School Manager prior to using a vehicle.

Interstate travel

There are two options for interstate vehicle travel:

  1. ANU Carshare vehicles can be used for both ACT and NSW travel. Additional costs for longer trips apply so please confirm details via the Carshare website. All costs for CarShare interstate travel are to be charged as per your travel approval.
  2. The ANU has agreements with a number of hire car providers for ANU approved interstate travel. For information regarding costs, vehicle types and bookings please see your Department Administrator. Costs can be found via the ANU Rental Vehicles website and are to be charged as per your travel approval.

The use of private vehicles for business purposes is strongly discouraged. If circumstances are such that you must use your private vehicle, please complete the Application for Approval to use a Private Vehicle on Official University Business form. This must be approved by the School Manager before commencing your journey. Reimbursement of costs are:

  • Staff claims: Complete the Cents per km Motor Vehicle Allowance form
  • Non-staff claims (student or visitors) are limited to fuel expenses only and processed through the "Accounts Payable" system – provide receipts as per travel reimbursements

Resposible officer

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