Staff and students who wish to apply for a parking permit for either surface, or parking station parking, must contact the parking office. Refer to the services website for eligibility and type of parking.

Long term visitors to the school/University, or visitors whose stay will exceed one to two days, who wish to park on campus can either utilise the ‘Pay As You Go’, ‘Pay & Display’, or time limited zones available across the ANU campus.

Short term visitors, who have had an in-school contact person arrange the availability of an RSPhys Official Visitors Permit, can collect the permit from the Oliphant reception desk, and park in the designated parking bay on Mills road. These permits are not to be used by ANU staff or students, and are only to be used by visitors from off campus (visitors from other buildings on campus are not visitors). In order for visitors to utilise these permits, an email must be sent to These requests might not always be possible, and are at the Reception’s discretion depending on other bookings. If a permit does not get returned by a visitor, it is the responsibility of the person/department that they were the guest of, to pay for the fee of getting a new permit issued with ANU parking.


Parking Office
Parking Office reception (Anthony Low building #124)
Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm
+ 61 2 6125 0179

Oliphant reception – official visitor permit
Nikki Azzopardi
+ 61 2 6125 0000

Resposible officer

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