Office Space

How to move to a new office or get an office for a student/staff/visitor

If new space is required, you can contact either your local administrator, HoD, or the Physics Infrastructure team. These parties will have current information about if there is space readily available, and can also help with the movement of any office furniture, etc.

How to get new furniture for my office

To be advised later. New office furniture can be bought by the department, with HoD approval and Facilities approval. All office furniture purchase must be discussed prior to any order being placed with your school administrator, HoD and Facilities team.

Use Mandatory/Preferred suppliers where appropriate

Where my office is listed in the Physics people database

Your current office should be listed on your profile in the Physics people database.

How to update my office in the Physics people database

Contact a school administrator or email

Resposible officer

Administration team -