Director's award 2018

The recipients of this year's Director's awards are:

Ethan Barden
For his dedication and initiative in delivering the MeriSTEM project, including teaching, design, and outreach, as well as project, resource and volunteer management (Collected by Joe Hope)

Jodie Bradby
For her leadership of Physics equity (Jodie is away)

Andrea Butler
For her family friendly initiatives at the Australian National University

Shane Latham
For being the unsung hero of research translation in Applied Maths

Edward Simpson
For outstanding contribution to Science communication and promotion of RSPE and HIAF

For their selfless commitment to the School and broader communities in translating their research ideas into actual devices. The members consist of Fouad Karouta, Kaushal Vora, Lily Li, Mark Lockrey, Mykhaylo Lysevych, Dane Kelly, Chris Kafer, Sue Berkeley, Sukanta Debbarma.