Wanda Henry Endowment

Since 2013, the Wanda Henry Scholarship in Photonics has been awarded to outstanding ANU undergraduates of physics and engineering to promote and assist their study of photonics.

During their undergraduate education and starting their careers, each of these young scientists are nurtured towards making unique contributions to ongoing innovation and discovery.

Supports the Wanda Henry Scholarship in Photonics

Photonics has grown rabidly in its research, teaching and applications in society, as a consequence it was decided to integrate the Wanda Henry Prize into and the more prestigious award, the Wanda Henry Scholarship in Photonics. The inaugural Scholarship commenced in 2013 and was awarded to Benjamin Courtney-Barrer.

ANU - Wanda Henry Scholarship in Photonics:

2023 Kieren Dyke
2022 Not awarded
2021 Noah Baldwin
2020 Abeshanth Gajan Shanthakumar
2019 Avery Xu
2018 Michi Hartnett
2017 Marika Niihori
2016 Logan Davis
2014 Bennett Schneider
2013 Benjamin Courtney - Barrer

The inaugural "Wanda Henry Prize" at the Australian National University (ANU) was awarded to Ms Kallista Stewart, a 3rd year joint physics/engineering student, at a ceremony at ANU on 23 July 1999. This $500 award was for the most outstanding undergraduate who studies the "Fibre and Optical Communications" course, together with other 3rd-year physics courses and also makes a significant contribution to the undergraduate life of the university.

ANU - Wanda Henry Prize Winners:

2012 not awarded
2011 Michael Copeland
2010 Sajjad Shahrabi Farahani
2009 Nicolas Riesen
2008 Niko Eckerskorn
2007 James Ridgway
2006 Michael Kubista
2005 Sheon Chua
2004 Matthew Davis
2003 Erin Stonestreet
2002 Not awarded
2001 Benjamin Sheard
2000 Not awarded
1999 Shayne Bennetts
1998 Kallista Stewart

This award has been replaced by the above scholarship.

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If you would like to be sent a hard copy of the Wanda Henry Endowment Fund brochure please email ea.physics@anu.edu.au

Endowment Brochure Download Wanda's Biography (PDF, 743KB)

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