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Weekly newsletter | vol 45 no 22 | 1–5 June 2020




Director's Message

Dear Colleagues,

I hope you enjoyed Reconciliation Day yesterday, although it was definitely an in-door kind of day.  The pic today was taken from the ANU website and highlights a close-up from the Acknowledgement of Country sculpture in Kambri.

As this extraordinary teaching term draws towards an end I would like express my deep gratitude to everyone who worked so hard to deliver our courses.  We have seen incredible achievements from reconfiguring entire laboratory programs, mailing experimental kits out and juggling large zoom cohorts with all the tricks that zooms allows.  I would particularly like to thank our EMCR staff for their commitment above and beyond.  If all goes well we will see many students back on campus next semester, however some challenges will remain and I am certain that PEC will welcome all hands.

The School survey was insightful and I have asked the Equity and Diversity committee to have first look ahead of making the results open.  Unsurprisingly, many indicated that remote working has been an opportunity to review personal work habits. I am very open to having discussions about variations in working patterns and Central HR have established a site to detail some of the possibilities, which you may have seen in the latest edition of On/Off Campus. If you missed it the direct link is here. Please talk with your supervisor in the first instance. 

My thanks to all the group leaders and technical officers involved in revising our Risk Assessments.  I appreciate the task this represents but cannot overstate how important it is as we return, a little less familiar with our sparsely occupied laboratories.  In step with the refresh of our Risk Assessments I will be requiring that all relevant hazard training is also up to date.  You can check your core WHS training modules under the HR table in (log onto the reverse proxy first if you are remote). July will be the month to have all your training up to date. WHS guidelines are at the bottom of this page.

In a School-wide email later today I will announce an Expression of Interest (EoI) for the Headship of Electronic Materials Engineering.  The EoI will be open until June 30th, and any continuing academic staff in RSPhys, irrespective of level or current host Department, are eligible to submit an EoI for this role.  See intranet for guidelines.

Don’t forget to update your Zoom before the School Seminar this week. See you there.

Have a lovely, short week.



School Seminar Series - 3 June 2020 @ 11:00am via zoom

Mr Dipankar Chungh (EME) presents: Single photon emission from hexagonal boron nitride Read more 


School Seminar Series - 17 June 2020 @ 3:00pm via zoom

Mr Kirill Koshelev (NLPC)  presents:  Light trapping with unusual waves: bound states in the continuum Read more


Zoom update required

As of 30 May 2020 Zoom clients older than 5.0 will be locked out from joining meetings. You will be prompted to upgrade when trying to join a meeting. The changes in version 5 of Zoom are mainly security related. Upgrading is a manual process. You can download and install the latest version (5.0.4) from


Funding Opportunities

ARENA ACAP Infrastructure Funding (Round 2), MEC Grants, Westpac Research Fellowship

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A message from the E&D committee: This week - National Reconciliation Week 2020 “In this together”

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COVID-19 return to work

RSPhys COVID-19 return to work protocols (PDF, 2MB)

RSPhys COVID-19 safe work procedure (DOCX, 169kB)

RSPhys COVID-19 risk assessment (DOCX, 105kB)

RSPhys Room / Lab / Workshop Risk Assessment (DOCX, 146kB)

RSPhys admin support during the University remote work and study period

Contact details for Admin staff



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