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Weekly newsletter | vol 44 no 13 | 1–5 April 2019


Director's Message

Dear Colleagues,

Thank-you to all the staff who contributed to a very successful PhB lunch last week. We had most of the 1st year Physics PhB attend as well as quite a few of the later-year students. It was great to see lots of staff-mentor pairs chatting over a pizza lunch. Thanks to Siobhan, Karen and Luda from the student admin team and to Jo for arranging the lunch (see above). Thanks to Rose, Sean, Lan, Nanda and Levi for showing the students around some of our labs. We will arrange a similar lunch in Physics North after the teaching break. 

Just a follow up from the great result for Engagement & Impact Assessment.  On further analysis, and my thanks to all those who looked deeper, it turns out we were easily the top ranked Physics School in Australia.

Just ahead of the visit from the VC this afternoon, Professor John Carver (Jr) will help us present the 2018 John Carver (Sr) medallists.  The awards have been redesigned and fabricated by members of our MakerSpace team (namely, Ella Sayers, Saskia Morris, Rachel Hanrick) and are beautifully personalised for each recipient. Please arrive around 1:30 so you have time to grab a cuppa and something to eat.  John will present the awards around 1:40.  VC, Provost, DVC(R) and Dean are due to arrive 1:45.  They will stay for 30 min to present the Review and lead a discussion.

Best regards,



Improvements to Induction @ ANU

As you are aware, induction is a structured and supportive method of introducing a new staff member to their role, their work area and the University. To improve the induction process, an automated checklist has been added to HORUS to provide a trackable method for supervisors, staff, and HR to ensure induction has occurred. 

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ABC media residency opportunity for ECRs

Calling all early-career STEMM researchers with a flair and passion for communicating your work Raise your profile and share your exciting discoveries and ideas with new audiences.

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The Hunt for Gravitational Waves

Researchers from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Gravitional Wave Discovery (OzGrav), as part of an international team of scientists, are set to resume their hunt for gravitational waves - ripples in space and time on 1 April.

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Ben Williams Student Support Grant

The Ben Williams Student Support Grant is now available for undergraduate (majoring in physics), postgraduate and research physics students enrolled at the Research School of Physics and Engineering.

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ARC Linkage Funding

Prof. Susan Scott is among the leaders of a group of Gravitational Wave researchers who are granted $898,560 ARC Linkage funding, announced by the Minister for Education Dan Tehan on March 19th. This project aims to explore teaching the modern Einsteinian paradigm of space, time, matter, light and gravity to students as young as 8 years old.

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Equity and Diversity

In 2017, Beate Schücking was re-elected as the first female head of Leipzig University in its 600-year history. A total of 967 men preceded her. In an interview given to Nature's Career Guide, Beate has reflected on the changes in the scientific landscape for women during her career.

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8 April - Women in STEM Professional Development Lunch

A professional development event focused on transitioning into leadership and management roles with ease and confidence. Featuring a keynote address by Jenny Wilkinson, Head of the Parliamentary Budget Office. Monday 8 April 2019; 11:00-1:00; T2 Kambri Cultural Centre.

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8-11 April - Conference

36th ITPA Diagnostics Topical Group Meeting - Plasma Research Lab are hosting the International Tokamak Physics Activity Workshop. This is a biannual meeting to consider the physics and engineering of plasma diagnostics and control systems in support of the ITER tokamak and future reactor-grade fusion devices.

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15 April - Distinguished Lecture

Prof Molly Shoichet
Tools of the trade: Engineering the Cellular Microenvironment with 3D Culture and Protein Affinity Release.

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17 April - Thesis Proposal Review

HDR students are invited to attend a workshop on Thesis Proposal Review offered by the Academic Skills and Learning Centre and tailored to STEM students needs.

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Monday 1 April @ 1:30

Oliphant tea room
VC to present School Review findings


Departmental seminars

2 April
Prof Michael Johnston
Developing new Terahertz Frequency Devices and Solar Cells via Terahertz Spectroscopy
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3 April
Mr Inseok Yang
Selective-area Epitaxial Growth of InGaAs/InP Quantum Well Nanowires and their Application to Light Emitting Diodes
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4 April
Dr Kate Ferguson
Quantum memories in spaaaaace
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4 April
Prof Tarmo Soomere
Rogue waves in shallow water and related issues
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Director's Colloquium

9 April
Prof Graham Farquhar
Using simple mathematics to explore the plant-atmosphere exchange of carbon dioxide, oxygen and water vapour.

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Further details about School Seminars or Events can be found on the RSPE Intranet and School News and Events Page.


2019 Market Day

Save the Date
13th August, 11:30-2:00
Physics South


Building Update

Infrastructure Upgrade Program

Two weeks ahead

Two day program


ANU Support Services

Students can access free counselling via ANU Counselling Centre for students 02 6125 2242 and via the ANU Crisis Support Line (after hours) on 1300 050 327 or via the SMS service: 0488 884 170

Staff can access free counselling via the Staff Employee Assistance Program Assure on 1800 808 374 or Relationships Australia on 02 6122 7100.


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RSPE Orientation

Every Monday at 10:00am all new starters are invited to meet at reception to have a short tour of the School’s central areas and receive a welcome pack.

Bookings are not required.


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