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Weekly newsletter | vol 47 no 34 | 29 August–2 September 2022


Director's Message

Dear Colleagues,

It’s a great pleasure to congratulation Dr John Debs (QST) on his recent appointment to Head of the ANU MakerSpace. He and the Makerspace team have received School, College and Central strategic support to expand the activities of Makerspace to engage curriculum developers, ANU entrepreneurs and other ACT maker communities. This will ensure that their signature open-access model for design and fabrication will continue to grow. I’m so pleased to see Makerspace receive this broad level of support across the ANU. Many will know John as an enthusiastic educator in our undergraduate program and it is great to have him lead a new phase for Makerspace. John is seen above during one of his VR classes in the Marie Reay building, being interviewed by Liane Joubert (CLT), (credit: Rafael Florez, CLT).

Have a good week,


Supervisor Training Workshop - “Clarifying Expectations”

Supervisors are invited to attend a supervisor training workshop “Clarifying Expectations” hosted by the RSPhys HDR team on Friday 2 September, from 2pm to 3.30pm.

The workshop will be held in person in Leonard Huxley Teaching Room H4.20 Building 56, ANU campus. If you would like to attend this workshop remotely via Zoom, please contact Prof Vince Craig in advance.

Please register your attendance via Eventbright.

This workshop can be used to satisfy the criteria for annual supervisor registration. Please 'read more' for a brief synopsis of the workshop and here for the supervisor registration guide.

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HDR Induction Week

The University is hosting an ANU wide Semester 2 HDR Induction week on 05-09 September.

As part of this week, the College of Science will be holding a Welcome Event on 8 September at 1 pm – please register for this event via Eventbright.

New students and their supervisors are cordially invited to attend!

Just a reminder that the RSPhys Orientation session for new students will be held on Wednesday, 7 September at 2pm – a calendar invite has been sent recently.


As You See It! Photography Campaign - Voting Now Open!

Voting for the As You See It! Photography Campaign is now live!

Voting closes on the 26th September


John Carver Seminar Series 2022

The John Carver Seminar Series 2022 will be held on Monday 26 September starting at 10am in the new Auditorium (building 160).

You will need to present a 15-minute talk on your research to an audience of your fellow students and RSPhys colleagues. The talks are not followed by questions.

The talks are judged by a panel of three judges (two academics and a student).

Seminar presenters will be considered for one of the three prizes:

  1. The John Carver Prize ($750)
  2. The Dean’s Prize ($500)
  3. The Director’s Prize ($500)

There will also be a vote for the People’s Choice award ($200).

Please email by 12 September 2022 to register your interest in participating in this wonderful event!

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ANU Community Connect

ANU Community Connect provides a safe and welcoming space for all ANU students. We offer no-cost essential items through our food pantry, Share the Dignity vending machine, access to our friendly and knowledgeable team to support students build connections, navigate university services and actively engage with programs and events to improve student experience at ANU.

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CERN Postdoctoral Fellowship Programes

The CERN Theory Department will have openings for postdoctoral positions (Senior Research Fellowships) in all areas of relevance to particle physics, including QCD, collider physics, Standard Model and beyond, astroparticle physics and cosmology, heavy-ion physics, lattice gauge theory, quantum field theory, quantum gravity and string theory, mathematical physics.

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Returning to Campus

Updated Process and Mask Protocols

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College HR & Finance Hot Desking In Physics

Mornings - HR Team
Afternoons - Finance Team

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submitting reimbursement forms.

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2022 Wall Planners

2022 wall planners are available now at the Oliphant Reception.


Know your administrators...

L-R: Belinda Barbour, Sonia Padrun, Petra Rickman, Nikki Azzopardi, & Julie Arnold

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Know your School team...

Uyen Nguyen -
Finance Team Leader

Sue Berkeley -
Stores/Purchasing Team Leader

Goran Radovanovic -
Stores Services  

Patrick Romero - Stores/Purchasing Services


Know your student admin...

Liudmila (Luda) Mangos -
Higher Degree Research admin
C3.02C, Cockcroft bldg (Thurs 9:30-5pm)

Siobhan Ryman -
Physics Education Centre admin and HDR
1.05, Bldg 38A (Tues 8.30-4pm) ; C3.02C, Cockcroft bldg (Mon,Thurs-Fri 8.30-4pm)


Tweet Series

The Researcher Development team are starting a new tweet series for @ANUresearcher! This tweet series is intended to be fun AND rewarding – a collaborative storytelling about the highs and lows of HDR student life – Hannah Carle, a RD casual is creating graphic mosaics based on different themes each week. 


What To Do If You Test Positive For COVID-19

If you test positive to COVID-19, please:

1. Register your positive result with ACT Health using this online form, or with the state/territory health authority where you are located.

2. Alert the University through this online form.

3. Apply for personal leave.

4. Isolate for at least seven days after the day you test positive.


From Previous Weeks...

COVID-19 Extension Scholarship

Mandatory Training Courses for School Induction and Building Access - All Persons


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