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Guidelines for the Research School of Physics reimbursement requests from staff, students and Visitors and Honorary Appointments.

  • Reimbursements in general are not a replacement for other procurement methods and they should be utilized in the first instance.
  • Pre-approval must be received and attached to reimbursements otherwise reimbursement may not be approved
  • Consideration will be given to the appropriateness of reimbursements.
  • All reimbursements are to be processed by the local administrators before being sent to invoice workflow.


All expenditures must adhere to Procurement and Expenditure Policies, and be in line with budget requirement and current Expenditure Control Framework. All expenditures must be pre-approved to be eligible for reimbursement request. Please visit Purchasing procedure for further guidance for different procurement methods.

The following steps are required for all reimbursement requests:

  1. Ensure pre-approval is acquired before any purchase. Dated evidence of this should be included in the request. Failure to do so may lead to the reimbursement not being approved.
  2. Complete the Reimbursement Form (do not send to invoice workflow)
    • If reimbursement involves foreign currency:
      • if preference is to be paid in the foreign currency in which the expense was incurred, please indicate the foreign currency on the form.
      • if preference is to be paid in Australian dollars, it is the responsibility of the claimant to provide evidence of the exchange rate (credit card statement, cash exchange receipt etc.) or using ANU official Currency Converter
  3. Attach and label all following supporting documentations in the order that is listed on the Reimbursement form:
    • Tax invoices (and receipts if they are issued separately, it must be proven that the invoice was paid)
    • For travel reimbursement, it is advisable to complete a spreadsheet of Domestic (XLS, 63kB) or Overseas (XLS, 62kB) travel summary of receipts. A copy of the Approved Travel eform (and may be Boarding Pass) is also required for travel reimbursement.
    • Evidence of pre approval of purchase.

    AND/OR following form if applicable
  4. Submit the Reimbursement form and all supporting documents to the area administrator.
  5. The local administrator will review summited documents and send to the relevant delegate for approval.
  6. Your local administrator will send a scan of the approved form and all supporting documents onto for processing.

The payment will be expected in 5 working days after being sent to invoice workflow via your local administrator for domestic bank transfers or 2-3 weeks for overseas transfers.

Important notes:

  1. A tax invoice is required to enable ANU to claim back the GST from the Australian Tax Office.
  2. A relevant FBT (Fringe Benefit Tax) form may be required if the payment is deemed to be FBT liable. For further information about FBT, please visit here

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