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Weekly newsletter | vol 46 no 41 | 18–22 October 2021


Director's Message

Dear Colleagues,

It is with sadness to inform you that Em/Prof Rod Jory passed away peacefully on Thursday 14th, aged 83 and among his family in Merimbula. Many will know Rod from his foundational roles in establishing the National Youth Science Forum and the Australian Science Olympiads, some will remember his time as a lecturer in the Faculties, or as Registrar at Canberra College of Advanced Education or even as a PhD student with Prof Bob Crompton in the early 60’s. So many of us will have fond memories of Rod. For me, he was instrumental in setting me down the path of an academic career and I know others who will also reflect on their experiences in a similar way. Rod’s contributions to the broad community were sustained and substantial, from soccer to science, and were recognised with an Order of Australia Medal in 1997. I will forward details of his service as they come to hand.

It’s Physics Project Market Day today! Come and browse the projects online from 11am to 1pm. While this is an event is primarily hosted for students it is also an excellent way to see the broad spectrum of research projects across Physics. I warmly encourage everyone to drop in and ‘walk’ around in Gathertown. Just join here;

I would like to thank this year’s organisers: the indefatigable A/Prof Cormac Corr (DMP) and the awesome members of the Physics Society, namely Kaiwen Zhu, Maggie Webber, Ellen Zheng, Toby Hardcastle and Sophia Ridolfo. And, Martin Conway from the School Computer Unit who weaved his usual magic and put project book together (which can be downloaded here). My sincere thanks also to the many supervisors who have dreamt up an exciting range of projects this year.

Don’t forget that nominations for the 2021 Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor's Annual Awards are will close on Friday 29th October and the 2021 College of Science Awards for Service close on Sunday, 7th November. See below for details of the award categories.

Have a lovely week,


Update from the Chief Operating Officer - our pathway towards a COVID-normal campus life

The Vice-Chancellor has already said that ANU will largely stay with working and studying remotely for 2021. 

From 29 October, some core activities that can’t be undertaken remotely (like some library services and some research activities) may return to campus, but the preference remains for remote study and work wherever possible for the rest of 2021. 

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2021 College of Science Awards for Service Nominations

Nominations now open!

The College of Science Awards for Service recognise the achievements, successes and contributions of our colleagues to celebrate the positive impact individuals and teams have on the School, College and University community.

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2021 Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor's Annual Awards Nominations

After almost two years that have been like no other, it is now, more than ever, important that we recognise individuals who are making extraordinary contributions to our University. One of our core values is to celebrate our community and to acknowledge the achievements of our colleagues.

Nominations for the 2021 Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor's Annual Awards are now open and will close on Friday 29 October.

Over the next few days and weeks, please nominate staff and teams that are deserving of recognition. Nominees can be from any area or level of the University. 

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Supernova Remnants in a Million-year Old Sample

How do you find the remnants of violent cosmic events? Look at the bottom of the ocean of course! PhD student in Nuclear Physics, Dominik Koll, is searching for tiny traces of plutonium-244 and iron-60.

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Dominik Koll (NPAA) received the SNAQs Scientific Talk Award for his talk: “Single Atom Counting of Stellar and r-Process Nuclei in Time-Resolved Deep-Sea Archives”

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Job Opportunity for HDR Students

Applications now open

NCI is looking for Associate Training Officers to join the training team. These are casual positions at the ANU5 level. Associate Training Officers will be responsible for jointly running workshops with NCI staff on various topics such as parallel computing, programming and debugging, data analysis, ML applications on HPC, and GPUs. We strongly encourage applications from PhD and postdoctoral students and early career researchers with knowledge and expertise in computational domains.

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Metasurfaces with Ultrafast Nonlinear Control

The team from Nonlinear Physics Center with collaborators from Sun Yat-Sen University (China), University of Arizona (USA), University of Lyon (France), and ITMO University (Russia) employed optical bound states in the continuum to demonstrate ultrafast self-action effects for the generation of third-harmonic radiation in the multiphoton absorption regime. The results suggest a novel way to implement ultrafast nonlinear dynamics in high-index resonant dielectric metasurfaces for nonlinear meta-optics beyond the perturbative regime. 

The results have been published in Nano Letters (Impact Factor=11.189): 

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Cos+CHM IDEA Community of Practice Seminar

Merryn McKinnon
Thursday 28 October, 1-2pm

"Expectations versus evidence: What equity and inclusion research in STEM fields has shown"

Some argue that to achieve gender equity, science departments have to hire 50% of female-identifying and gender diverse academics. However, this argument overlooks the significance and persistence of gender segregation in science aspirations among children, adolescents and young adults…what to do to bridge gender segregation is in principle well-known – the challenge is to implement such all-encompassing changes.

Zoom link 
Meeting ID: 822 2636 3414 
Password: 414 030

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ANU Templates

Do you need ANU letterhead, PowerPoint slides, or an ANU minutes template?

Sign in to ANU SharePoint for current ANU templates.


Need to Schedule a Meeting with the Director?

For ANU Outlook users
Open a new invite for, and use Scheduling Assistant to propose a mutually convenient time and send.  

For all others
Please send an email request to 

Tim will reply to any meeting requests ASAP


RSPhys Store

Stores will be physically staffed, though operating at reduced capacity with no face to face interactions. 

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ANU Libraries

The JB Chifley Library will remain open 24/7 through the lockdown. Students and staff will need to swipe in. They will be able to use collection material, print, use the computers, record lectures in the One button studio, study rooms on level 4 equipped with ECHO recording software and use the Flex labs to give or record lectures.

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Departmental seminars

Ms Sungyeon Hong - 27 October
Designing topological defects in 2D glassy systems
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Mr Kirill Koshelev - 27 October
Advanced trapping of light in resonant dielectric metastructures for nonlinear optics
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Department Meetings


Fundamental and Theoretical Physics

Friday 22 October, 2pm

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Know your administrators...

L-R: Belinda Barbour, Sonia Padrun, Petra Rickman, Nikki Azzopardi, & Julie Arnold

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Know your School team...

Sue Berkeley -
Finance Team Leader

Goran Radovanovic -
Stores Services  

Hannah Phan - Purchasing/Finance Services 

Patrick Romero - Stores/Purchasing Services


Know your student admin...

Liudmila (Luda) Mangos -
Higher Degree Research admin
C3.02C, Cockcroft bldg (Mon-Fri 9.30-5pm)

Siobhan Ryman -
Physics Education Centre admin and HDR
1.05, Bldg 38A (Mon-Tues 8.30-4pm) ; C3.02C, Cockcroft bldg (Wed-Fri 8.30-4pm)


Matthias Wurdack (he/him)

Disha Kapasi (she/her)

Shridhar Manjunath (he/him)

Elizaveta Melik-Gaykazyan (she/her)

Ben Swinton-Bland (he/him)

Mahdi Davoodianidalik (he/him)


HDR Progress Milestones

Students and supervisors can access information on HDR progress milestone requirements on the School Intranet.


PhD Scholarship Opportunity - ANSTO Scholarships

ANSTO scholarships for Australian citizen prospective HDR students for the topic: Ultra-high temperature ceramics

Closing date 31 October 2021


PhD Top-up Scholarships for Ocean and Sea Ice Modelling

Are you interested in understanding ocean physics, and do you have skills in computational/mathematical modelling?

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Understanding Pensions - A Webcast by UniSuper Management

Thursday, 28 October 2021 at 5:30PM

When you’re thinking about retirement, it can be tough to understand the options available to you.

If you’re interested in finding out about in the next chapter, our Understanding Pensions webcast will discuss the different types products available, and the considerations when selecting a product that’s right for you. 

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ANZCOP21 - November 18-19, 2021

ANZCOP 2021 is a special event of the Australian and New Zealand Conference on Optics and Photonics presented on behalf of ANZOS - the Australian and New Zealand Optical Society. 

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