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Weekly newsletter | vol 43 no 86 | 10–14 September 2018


Director's Message

Dear Colleagues,

Congratulations to Prof Hoe Tan, Dr Siva Karuturi and Prof Jagadish on being awarded a large ARENA grant for their research, “Improving Efficiency, Durability and Cost-effectiveness of III-V Semiconductors for Direct Water Electrolysis”.  This three year grant has a total project budget of almost $3.5M.  It is fantastic to see a grant usually won in engineering facilities come to our School.

Welcome back to Andrea Butler, who has been enjoying a brief secondment in Computer Science as acting School Manager.

A reminder about the Town Hall meeting in Huxley today at 10am.  The meeting is to inform the other Schools in our area about the RSPE Building project. With the Le Couteur building being handed over we can expect to see some big changes to our precinct over the next few months.  Hindmarsh will present an animation showing the construction phases over the next two years.  This will be put on the School intranet afterwards.

Jong and I had an excellent trip to China last week meeting with parents and potential students in the Beijing and Tianjin areas. This week’s pic shows a gathering of parents at Beijing Institute of Technology to hear about our program and pastoral care.

It’s good to be back and my thanks to A/Prof Fu for acting Director last week.

Have a great week,



25th International Physics Summer School

The 25th International Physics Summer School on “The Invisible Universe” will be hosted by the Research School of Physics at the Australian National University in Canberra over the two weeks January 14-25th, 2019. 

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Equity and Diversity

According to new research from the 50/50 Foundation at the University of Canberra, progress towards gender equality in Australia is in trouble. Driven by economic insecurity and entrenched stereotypes, millennial men are leading a major backlash against women’s rights. 

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Volcanoes, climate change and space junk

Local Physicists hit the pub to tell you about their amazing research. Sustainable energy systems, amazing new materials and zapping space junk with lasers - it's brain boggling stuff.

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Linkage Project Workshop 2018

The Joint Colleges of Science and the College of Arts and Social Sciences, is pleased to invite you to attend an upcoming workshop on the ARC Linkage Projects Scheme, Monday 24 September 2018.

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Updated Statement and ARC Response—Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Researchers

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India Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration (SPARC)

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Australia–India EMCR Fellowships 2019

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PEC Planning Day - 13 September

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Director's Colloquium

Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Prof Eva Bezak
Quo Vadis Radiotherapy: Age of Hadrons

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Departmental Seminars

12 Sept 2018
Mr Tarquin Ralph
Wave Front Sensing and Correction Using Spatial Modulation and Digitally Enhanced Heterodyne Interferometry
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20 Sept 2018
Imran Hasan
Specialty hollow-core fibers, their properties and applications
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20 Sept 2018
Dr Peter J Riggs
Interstellar Journeys: Within a Human Lifetime: Possibilities and Practicalities
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Please see below for current coverage.

Jodie Bradby is on long service leave 5 Sept - 11 Nov 2018.

Patrick Kluth will be away 21 Sept - 3 Oct, Lan fu will be acting HoD.


Do you know who your administrator is?

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Expressions of interest – RSPE HDR Convenor

Expressions of interest are being sought from early and mid-career researchers to join the Physics HDR team as an HDR Convenor.

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PhysicsPrint Tricks

  • You can print to PhysicsPrint from Wifi
  • Print from USB works after swiping your card
  • Scan to USB works after swiping your card
  • Set “Print all” to “No” to not print your waiting jobs
  • Print to PhysicsPrint release from any supported printer

Email for help

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RSPE Orientation

Every Monday at 10:00am all new starters are invited to meet at reception to have a short tour of the School’s central areas and receive a welcome pack.

Bookings are not required.


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