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Weekly newsletter | vol 41 no 44 | 30 November–4 December 2015


Director's Colloquium - 3 December

Dissipation and the Foundations of Classical Statistical Thermodynamics - Professor Denis Evans

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Dr Ilya Shadrivov (Nonlinear Physics Centre) recipient of the AAS 2016 Pawsey Medal

Dr Shadrivov is developing new forms of metamaterials, with future use in photonics and communication technologies. Metamaterials are composite structures with carefully designed properties that are not found in nature. They can manipulate light and other electromagnetic waves in many unusual ways. For example, they can be tuned to absorb some ‘colours’ of light, which is useful for the next generation of security cameras which use invisible long wavelength, or Terahertz, radiation. Alternatively, metamaterials can be used in novel antennas, which will beam electromagnetic waves in carefully chosen directions and rapidly scan the surrounding environment. This is useful for many applications in modern industry, such as for car radar-type sensors in order to increase car safety.



Electronic Materials Engineering (EME)
Summer Scholars:  
Charlotte Duda (Victoria University, Wellington) working with A/Prof Lan Fu - ‘Nanowire arrays for solar cells’; 
Simon Robson (Auckland University), working with A/Prof Jenny Wong Leung - ‘Catalyst free growth of Ternary nanowires’; and 
Toby Hendy (University of Canterbury, Christchurch) working with A/Prof Jodie Bradby -‘Nanoindentation of plant cells’.

Atomic Molecular Physics Laboratories (AMPL)
Summer Scholars: Adam Pamplin and Fengqui Dong visiting and undertaking research with Prof Ken Baldwin and A/Prof James Sullivan respectively until late January 2016

Centre for Plasmas and Fluids (CPF)
Hooman Hesarmaskan (University of Isfaha, Iran) visiting PhD student. Hooman will research on  the wave-particle-plasma interaction in order to advance Bump-on-tail simulations for tokamaks with A/Prof. Matthew Hole from 23 November 2015 -  20 June 2016



Electronic Materials Engineering
Mr Alexander Berg returning to Lund University after spending 3 months working with Dr Philippe Caroff.


Student funding opportunitites

We would like to draw your attention to this funding opportunity for student travel - ANU-IARU Travel Grants These grants are separate to the ANU Travel Grants (formerly known as the VC Travel Grants).  Please have a look at the details on the website. 

RSPE Student Office


Funding Opportunities

Grant opportunities
The current funding round of the Ian Potter Foundation is now open. Fudning opportunitie - conference organisation (max $20,000) or travel to attend a conference ($2,000-$3,000). Application opened 9 November 2015 and close 27 January 2016. Please check the Eligibility and Application Process and advise if you intend to apply.

MEC funding round is now open
Scheme information, including seminar slide and the application form can be found on the RSD Website.  Notices of intent should be submitted by email to Research Office by Friday 5 December 2015.

Complete applications must be submitted to the Research Management, Science Admin by COB Monday 11 January 2016.


Curious Minds

Curious Minds is a new program for girls in science, technology engineering and mathematics (STEM).

We are looking for 54 enthusiastic women from STEM backgrounds to join our mentoring program for 2015/2016.

You will be supporting bright Australian female students, from years 8, 9 and 10, with the aim to encourage the continuation of their STEM studies.

Further details are availble from Australian Science Innovations.




Department Vision Presentations

Leonard Huxley Lecture Theatre: 12noon - 1pm

All RSPE staff, students and vistors are welcome and encouraged to attend these lunchtime presentations. 

Past presentations are available via hyperlinks above.


Departmental seminars

Professor Marshakov - 30 November
Seiberg-Witten theories and AGT relations
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Professor Marshakov - 1 December
Exact conformal blocks for the W-algebras, twist fields and isomonodromic deformations
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Professor André de Lustrac - 3 December
The French University of Paris Saclay : the new model of the french university
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Dr Nawaz Burokur - 4 December
Metamaterials and metasurfaces at microwave frequencies - Applications
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Professor CNR Rao - 15 December
Australian Nanotechnology Network Distinguished Lecturer
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Professor Albert Wang - 16 December
IEEE EDS/Photonics Society Distinguished Lecture & EME Department Seminar
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Staff movements

Nuclear Physics
Professor Andrew Stuchbery
 will be absent from 1-10 December 2015.  Prof Nanda Dasgupta will be acting HOD during this period.

Physics Education Centre
Professor John Close
 will be absent from 15 November - 4 December 2015.  A/Prof Joe Hope will be Deputy Director Education during his absence

Plasma Research Laboratory
Professor John Howard
will undertake research and collaboration at the DIII-D National Facility in San Diego 27 November - 15 December 2015.  Dr Cormac Corr will be acting HOD during this period.

Theoretical Physics
Professor Mukunda Das
will be overseas from 24 November - 22 December 2015. He will visit S N Bose National Centre and Saha Institute in Kolkata; Institute of Physics in Bhubaneswar and National Physical Laboratory In New Delhi where he will deliver a number of seminars and Colloquia.


Women will get equal pay … in 118 years

Almost no progress on wage equality around the globe in past seven years, according to report

From the RSPE Access and Equity Committee

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Light and sound are produced by a range of sources and can be sensed.” Quoted from the National curriculum for students in Year 1. Arawang Primary School were treated to a light show by Khu Vu from CUDOS that included the rainbow glasses, hand held dynamos, solar cells and induction torches during the week. I’ll finish with a quote from Khu “They absolutely loved the activities!” You are never to young to appreciate the year of light.



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