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Weekly newsletter | vol 46 no 12 | 29 March–2 April 2021


Director's Message

Dear Colleagues,

Last Thursday we had the pleasure of hosting the Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) Accreditation Panel, seen above Professors Deb Kane (Chair, UMacq, middle), Michael Wheatland (USyd, 2nd left) and Tim McIntyre (UQ, right). Our Associate Director (Education), Professor Joe Hope, joins the panel on the left. In a very busy day, the Panel had a chance to engage with undergraduate students, lecturers, convenors and other key people in the Physics Education Centre. My thanks to everyone involved in this important process. Accreditation provides our undergraduate program the opportunity to standardise against the National professional standards set by the AIP. The panel are currently finalising their report.

A couple of things to note; 

- The Travel eForm has now been re-released, allowing domestic travel (including non-fieldwork travel). There are some new components to accommodate the complexities of the COVID environment. Please note that in the College of Science, there is no expectation that travel forms are to be sent to the College General Manager. We will just stick to our usual School travel delegations (supervisor, Head, Director).
- The ANU has a refreshed corporate image, and correspondingly has refreshed Microsoft document templates (official letterhead, powerpoint slides, meeting agenda, etc). The ANU sharepoint holds everything you might need.

As we approach mid-Semester break I would like to thank everyone involved in teaching to date. Below are two photos showing our students engaged in a Virtual Reality-based lab from PHYS1001 and 2nd year Electromagnetism lab in PHYS2016.  

Professor Hoe Tan will be Acting Director while I’m on leave next week.  Thanks, Hoe!

Have a good week and don’t forget Hot Cross buns in Oliphant and DQS tea rooms, 1030 Thursday.




Changes to Travel Eform

Please be aware that some changes have been made to the ANU Travel eForm.

These changes are relevant to all ANU travellers (ie staff, students and VaHA) and includes the following:

- The addition of an acknowledgement on the General Travel Information page.  This is to confirm that the travel is essential for work purposes.
-  A Purpose of Travel section provides a full list of travel options. Depending on the type of travel selected, it will allow you to download an appropriate WHS Risk Assessment Form (mandatory) for attachment to the travel application.
- An Evacuation Plan (mandatory).

The existing approver list and assign delegation 458 (Domestic Travel Delegate under COVID-19 response measures) has also been expanded to Service Division Directors, General Managers and School Managers (where agreed with the General Manager). Within Physics the travel approval form will be submitted to your supervisor for initial approval, then to the RSPhys Director for final authorisation.

You can find information on the link here.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, you can contact


Physics Higher Degree Supervisor Training - Workshop Announcement

The School will be offering locally organised workshops to all prospective or current supervisors of higher degree students. These workshops will meet the training requirement for the Higher Degree Supervision Annual Registration Renewal. Note that this is an alternative to workshops being offered centrally, as such they are not compulsory. Our aim in having locally run workshops is that they can be tailored to our needs.

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HDR Boot Camps

The Dean HDR, Ann Evans, is pleased to announce an expansion of the popular ANU Boot Camp program.

Due to popular demand, the number of boot camps run by Professor Inger Mewburn and the ANU Researcher Development team has been increased from two per year to ten. We can now offer everyone who is more than 3 years into candidature a chance to take part in the original Thesis Bootcamp, where we challenge participants to write 20,000 words. 

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Physics in the Pub - call for presenters.

A year cooped up reading papers and doing theory… it’s time to come back to the pub! Physics in the Pub is on again, so come and share your latest research, coolest demo or weirdest lockdown discovery.

You have eight minutes in front of a friendly audience to get creative. A story, a comedy routine or just a well-crafted powerpoint show, it’s up to you. All types of physics welcome.

Sponsored by the AIP, ACT Branch.

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TMOS Light Painting Photo Competition - International Day of Light

Bring some light to your favourite charity

Celebrate the International Day of Light with our light painting competition! 

We want to raise awareness about the International Day of Light (May 16th) and our work here at TMOS, as well as give back to our community. 

We're hosting a light painting competition, where each node can submit an entry. These will go onto the TMOS social media pages and the general public will decide the winner. 

Prizes include a donation made to the charity of the node's choice and the first annual International Day of Light trophy. 

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Upcoming Researcher Development Events

ANU Researcher Development coordinates and facilitates workshops, events, and competitions to develop your skills even further. 

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National Library of Australia 2022 Fellowships

Apply for a National Library Fellowship
The National Library has diverse collections that support, inspire and transform research. Fellowships enable scholars, writers and researchers to conduct intensive research into our collections in a supportive, intellectual and creative environment.

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Oliphant Tea Room

The Oliphant tea room is open with tea bags & black coffee* only.

Please remember to bring your own cup & spoon.

*coffee grounds for garden use are available


Hot Cross Buns

There will be a School morning tea with Hot Cross Buns on Thursday April 1st, 10:30am in the Oliphant Tea Room & DQS Tea Room respectively.


Easter Eggs

There will be Easter Eggs in all Physics Tea Rooms on Thursday April 1st.

Happy Easter from Physics Centres of Excellence.



Julie Arnold will be on leave 25/3/21-9/4/21

Lee Philip will be acting Facilities and Services Manager 8/3/21-5/4/21


Building and Room Security Access

Please note that the school now has a general access restriction of 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.  

If you need to complete a new after-hours risk assessment, please see the new top section here:




Departmental seminars

Ms Yiyi Zhong - 31 March
Characterization of cosmogenic background in NaI(Tl) crystal for the SABRE dark matter experiment
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Ms Xingshuo Huang - 1 April
Mechanical Properties of Exotic Phases of Carbon
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Know your administrator...

Julie Arnold - EME & NLPC

Petra Rickman - NP/HIAF & ARC CDM

Belinda Barbour - DQS

Nikki Azzopardi - AM, CPF, LPC & TP


Toilet Etiquette

Can all at RSPhys please keep the toilet facilities as clean as possible after use. Please be courteous and check that the seat and bowl are clean before you leave the toilet facility. Only toilet paper is to be flushed down the toilet and paper towels and/or sanitary products are to be disposed of in the bins provided. A dirty and unhygienic toilet facility is a health hazard and even though we have cleaners who maintain the cleanliness of the toilets, it is still our responsibility to clean up after ourselves.


Check In CBR App

All RSPhys meeting rooms and teaching spaces now have a QR Code located at their entrance. It is encouraged that everyone at RSPhys use the Check In CBR app when using these rooms, as this will enable the 1 person per 2m2 rule, and follow ACT Health guidelines for improved contact tracing.

It is mandatory for all RSPhys visitors to use the Check In CBR App to 'check in'. An additional check in point is located at RSPhys reception. If you require a QR code for your area, please contact

1.5m physical distance must still be followed in all scenarios


Free Flu Vaccinations

The University is committed to supporting our staff to maintain their health and wellbeing during the upcoming influenza season and for this reason is ensuring that FREE flu vaccinations for staff are available again this year.

The University has two options for receiving the flu vaccination – either on campus at the National Health Co-Op or off-campus by accessing a voucher code to be used at a Terry White Chemist in Canberra.

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Boosting Female Founders Initiative – Round 2 now open

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NHMRC schemes opening in 2021 (Q1)

The College of Science Research Office (CRO) is now inviting notices of intent (NoI) to submit applications for the following schemes opening in 2021.


From Last Week...

Helping HDR candidates with their career options


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