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Weekly newsletter | vol 45 no 49 | 7–11 December 2020


Director's Message

Dear Colleagues,

I hope you had a chance to kick-back this weekend.  Speaking of relaxing, above we see the 1st year Freestyle Physics (FP) and 2nd year Classical Mechanics (CM) teams after their first week of teaching into the Shandong Joint Science College.  Left to right: Rosemary Zielinski (UG, CM1), Paul Francis (DQS, FP), Xingshuo Huang (EME, FP), Mahyar Bokaeeyan (TP, FP), Rowena Yew (EME, FP), John Debs (DQS/MakerSpace, FP), Zain Mehdi (DQS, CM1), Zhuaxian Ou (LPC, CM1), Benjamin Slimming (DQS, CM1) (photo by A/Prof Jong Chow (CGA).  My deep gratitude goes to these education ambassadors extraordinaire, with close to 460 students this represents our largest online classrooms and a massive, massive effort.  All the best to all the Shandong JSC teams across CoS for their final week of teaching (see more details).

We have seen many teaching and learning innovations come out of our Physics Education Centre over the years.  In the past couple of years, Dr John Debs has been leading an exciting VR development to assist students to intuitively discover complex physical concepts. A short video shows how one of the scenarios has been used this year to improve learning outcomes and will no doubt help us to deliver high quality remote education in the future.  The second pilot VR scenario allows students to cooperatively explore electromagnetism by firing charged particles into electric and magnetic fields they have configured in 3D.  I’m hanging out for the gravitational wave VR!

With all that this year has thrown at us, my hope is that January is our chance to recharge and I am encouraging everyone to consider taking leave over January.  Heads will be discussing with all their staff the need to schedule excess long service leave during 2021.  Please take the chance before the Christmas shutdown to talk about leave with your supervisor.

If you have feedback on any part of the CoS change proposal please remember to submit it to by close of business tomorrow (8th December). 

Best regards,


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Experiencing the impossible - virtual realities for education


WHS Audit - 9-10 December

In accordance with WHS Internal Audit schedule, RSPhys is to be audited to monitor implementation of the WHSMS via Handbook guidance. 

The audit will seek to verify the implementation of the WHSMS through various means including:

Interviews with workers and management to verify understanding of the WHS Management System Direct observation of work practices and work areas; and  Sighting and review of documentation and records.

If you have any questions please contact


ARC DP22 Round

The timeline for this round of applications is as follows:

  • 5 January - complete the attached form, discuss with you supervisor, send to
  • 27 January – first complete draft to Research Office and RMS data entered
  • 27 January – 1 February – parallel RSPhys discipline peer review and CoS “College of Experts” Peer review, with immediate feedback
  • 10 February – Request Not to Assess
  • 17 February – College Hard deadline – this will be enforced this year, grants failing to make this deadline will be not be submitted
  • 24 February – ARC Deadline





16 Dec @ 10:30
Byo morning tea to farewell all the staff retiring from RSPhys in 2020.
There will be a presentation by Tim.
Please see your local areas or reception for cards and collection envelopes.




NECTAR Courses

Mon 7 Dec, 2.30-4pm

Non-academic resume writing

This webinar focuses on resume writing for professional jobs. It provides practical tips on how to convert your academic resume into a professional resume, and how to tailor it to suit the needs of employers outside of the academic sphere. More information on the webinar content and registration here.

Tues 8 Dec, 2.30-4pm

Writing selection criteria and cover letters for non-academic jobs

This webinar will guide you through the process of writing selection criteria and cover letters for jobs outside the academic sphere. It will help you adjust your writing style and understand what employers are looking for. More information on the webinar content and registration here.

Fri 11 Dec, 11am-12.30pm

Cultivating your professional image at interview

This webinar will focus on preparing for your non-academic interviews. More information on the webinar content and registration here.


Departmental Seminars

9 December
Mr Brendan McCormick
Measuring g factors of fpg-shell nuclei by the transient-field and recoil-in-vacuum techniques
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10 December
Ms Nikita Gagrani
Electrically Injected Semiconductor Nanowire Lasers
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Eligible students from AINSE Member institutions who are enrolled in an Honours or Honours-equivalent program can now apply for the 2021 AINSE Honours Scholarship. ANSTO are also currently accepting applications for the 2021 United Uranium Scholarship. 

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From Last Week

Cardax Changes - Security Improvements Across Physics


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