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Weekly newsletter | vol 45 no 48 | 30 November–4 December 2020


Director's Message

Dear Colleagues,

Last week was huge week for National recognition of our skills in translational research.

It is a great pleasure to congratulate A/Prof Steve Madden (LPC) and his colleagues from the University of Sydney on being awarded the 2020 Eureka Prize for Outstanding Science in Safeguarding Australia. Steve’s contribution represents a crucial and sustained effort around integrating novel materials on a single chip over many years.  Well done to the team for this great recognition.

From the equivalent of the Australian science “Oscars”, now on to the Defence “Oscars”.  It is of equal pleasure to congratulate Prof John Close (Head, DQS) on his success at Australian Defence Industry Awards last Thursday evening.  Basically, John cleaned up!  Not only was he awarded Academic of the Year, was also honoured with the Defence Connect Excellence Award.  Well done, John, these awards are great recognition of your National leadership in the Australian University-Defence alliance (more details below).

Last but not least, I have the joy of announcing the promotions outcomes for this year across College and Central panels.  Please join me and congratulate;

Level B: Sanjoy Nandi (EME)

Level C: Ludovic Rapp (LPC) and Stuart Szigeti (DQS)

Level D: Vladimir Mangazeev (TP) and Hua Xia (CPF)

Level E: Jong Chow (CGA) and Patrick Kluth (EME)

If you have comments or suggestions regarding the proposed change process please contact me directly or Organisational Change.  I am always happy to meet and discuss the intent of the proposed changes.

Have a good week.




Professor John Close won two awards last week at the Australian Defence Industry Awards evening. The Defence Academic of the Year and the Award for Defence Excellence that encompasses all individual fields across academia, industry and government. The awards are open to all businesses operating in Australia supporting the defence supply chain and is a coveted accolade for organisations and professionals in the defence industry.

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A/Prof Patrick Kluth has been nominated HDR Supervisor of the Month in recognition of good practice in ANU Higher Degree Research (HDR) supervision.

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Dr Taiki Tanaka of the Department of Nuclear Physics has just been announced as the recipient of a 2021 Young Scientist Award of the Physical Society of Japan. His research aimed to determine the best experimental conditions for synthesizing new superheavy elements. Utilizing a new experimental method that he developed, Taiki measured quasielastic scattering probabilities, at the RIKEN-GARIS facility in Japan, for a large number of beam energies, and a range of reactions.

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From Last Week

Army Quantum Technology Challenge

Janet Elspeth Crawford Undergraduate and Postgraduate Leadership Prize

Key dates and guidelines for EOY

Volume Imaging - VIS2021

Research Candidate Milestones

Cardax Changes - Security Improvements Across Physics





16 Dec @ 10:30
Byo morning tea to farewell all the staff retiring from RSPhys in 2020.
There will be a presentation by Tim.
Please see your local areas or reception for cards and collection envelopes.




30 Nov - 4 Dec
Physics Career Week - Online Event Register HERE

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2 December
A/Prof Maui Hudson
University of Waikato
Indigenous perspectives on issues of equity, diversity, and data science in the context of genomics and share examples of best practice and capacity building initiatives from Aotearoa New Zealand.

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3 December
CoS/CHM Gender Inclusive Teaching Workshop
The workshop is delivered through the “Every Voice” project – a campus-wide initiative funded by the ANU Gender Institute and the Centre for Learning and Teaching. 
Register Here

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WHS Message
Staff who have concerns about workstation set up or experience discomfort while working at their desk may require a workstation assessment. Please contact RSPhys WHS for assistance. 

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