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Weekly newsletter | vol 45 no 47 | 23–27 November 2020


Director's Message

Dear Colleagues,

I hope you had a restful weekend. 

First up, my congratulations to Prof Susan Scott (CGA) on receiving the prestigious 2020 UNSW Dirac Medal for the Advancement of Theoretical Physics last Tuesday night. Susan joins a list of highly honoured recipients, including several Nobel Laureates.  Well done, Susan, it has been a rich year for gravitational wave; see more below.

It is also a great pleasure to acknowledge Professors Nail Akhmediev and Yuri Kivshar on again being named as Web of Science Highly Cited Researchers.  Professor Matthew Colless, Director of RSAA, joins the list this year with eleven other colleges from across the ANU.  Congratulations to all our most cited.

Last week was an exciting week for many groups and the top pic this week comes directly from some week’s buzz that was picked up around the world.  PhD scholar, Xingshuo Huang (photo: Jamie Kidston), is seen here holding the diamond anvil that Prof Jodie Bradby’s research team used to make a novel form of diamond, Lonsdaleite, at room temperature and in minutes no less; see more.  It was a great week and several research highlights are listed below, check them out, and well done to all the groups.

The ARPANSA inspection is only two weeks away.  If you are a user of X-ray, UV or laser sources please check in with your supervisor or Head to confirm all your lab inductions are up to date.

Best regards,




Prof. Susan Scott has been awarded the Dirac Medal in Theoretical Physics. The Dirac Medal for the Advancement of Physics is awarded by the University of New South Wales jointly with the Australian Institute of Physics on the occasion of the Dirac public lecture, held approximately annually at UNSW.

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Research Highlights

Congratulations to Andrey Sukhorukov (NLPC), who has been awarded a highly competitive grant under Australia-Germany Joint Research Cooperation Scheme, to commence in 2021.

Congratulations to Yuri Kivshar and DECRA Fellow Daria Smirnova (NLPC) and their colleagues on recent publication of their work entitled “Multipolar lasing modes from topological corner states” in Nature Communications. This work demonstrates lasing action of higher-order topological corner states in nanophotonic structures, and represents an important step towards designing robust light-emitting nanodevices. Read more here:

Congratulations to Dipankar Chugh, Hoe Tan, Jagadish (EME and ARC CoE TMOS) and their colleagues on their work “Identifying carbon as the source of visible single-photon emission from hexagonal boron nitride” published in Nature Materials. This work resolves a long-standing debate about the origin of bright single photon emitters at the visible range in hBN, and will be key to the deterministic engineering of these defects for quantum photonic devices. Read more here:

Congratulations to Andrew Stuchbery (NP) et al for his work published in Nuclear Pysics News (Nucl.Phys.News 30 (2020) 3, 3-45) "Ten Years of the Asian Nuclear Physics Association (ANPhA) and Major Accelerator Facilities for Nuclear Physics in the Asia Pacific Region" Read more here:

Congratulations to Yuri Kivshar and Nail Akhmediev named as 2020 Highly Cited Researchers in Physics by Clarivate Web of Science. Our former colleague, Andrey Miroshnichenko (UNSW ADFA) is also on the list. This makes them the highest cited physicists in Australia.
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Army Quantum Technology Challenge

Army has released their first Army Quantum Technology Challenge. The Challenge invites teams from industry and research to show how quantum technologies can deliver Army unprecedented capabilities...

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Janet Elspeth Crawford Prize

We are looking for nominations of physics students for the Janet Elspeth Crawford Leadership awards.  These awards are offered by the college of Science to students who have demonstrated excellent academic achievement and outstanding leadership.

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Research Candidate Milestones

ANU research candidates are required to meet a number of progress milestones including an initial Annual Plan, completion of Research Integrity Training, Annual Plan & Reports, the Thesis Proposal Review, and the final Oral Presentation of research. These milestones are valuable project management tools that can help ensure students are on track for successful completion.

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The Admin Team will farewell Liz Micallef on 25 Nov. Liz has been a fixture in RSPhys since 2003. A collection envelope and farewell card for Liz is available at reception.




27 November
Mr Muhammad Hassan Iqbal
Comparative study of integrated optical gyroscopes and progress towards fabrication
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27 November
Mr Carl (Qiheng) Yang
Finding fresh fascination for the fantastic Fano factor
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3 December
ANU Energy Update 2020
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30 Nov - 4 Dec
Physics Career Week - Online Event Register HERE

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16-19 Feb 2021
Fully online
Volume Imaging
VIS2021 is a forum for all forms of imaging and analysis involving the generation of 3D volumetric data in all branches of science. 

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Cardax Changes

Security Improvements Across Physics - We have been working on a new cardax security door access system  and will begin to move existing staff and students into the new workgroups over the next few weeks.

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Key dates and guidelines for EOY

Please find attached the key dates for EOY financial processing to ensure the requests are fulfilled in 2020, briefly:

  • Raising an invoice (AR): Monday, 14 Dec, 5pm
  • Process payment (AP): Monday, 14 Dec, 5pm (last payment run: 22 Dec)
  • Journal request: Friday, 18 Dec, 5pm
  • Purchase request (to purchasing team): Monday, 21 Dec, 5pm
  • Purchase card: Clear and approve by 24 Dec, 5pm (concur doesn’t close, however, we shouldn’t expect supervisors to approve the report during their holiday).

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