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Weekly newsletter | vol 44 no 2 | 14–18 January 2019


Acting Director's Message

Many of you will now be back from your summer break, refreshed and energised for the year ahead.

Thanks to all those who are helping out with the visits by dozens of aspiring science students in the National Youth Science Forum Program over the coming weeks.

Note also that the 25th Canberra International Physics Summer School – “The Invisible Universe” – also commences on Monday 14th January (see below).

That is also the deadline day for MEC applications – good luck to all those who are applying this year!

And we look forward to seeing your inspirational ideas for the ARC Discovery and DECRA rounds coming up – don’t forget the RSPE and CoS peer review deadline of January 30th that will help enhance your proposals.

Best wishes,


2019 Major Equipment Committee Grants Scheme (MEC)

Reminder that applications for the ANU 2019 Major Equipment Committee Grants Scheme (MEC) are open and due to the College Research Office by Monday, 14 January 2019.

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RSPE Social Media

Just a reminder that RSPE has a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

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The 25th Canberra International Physics Summer School – “The Invisible Universe”

The 25th Canberra International Physics Summer School – “The Invisible Universe” begins from the 14 - 25 January 2019.

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The Invisible Universe - Astronomy in the Pub - 22 January 2019

Join us to explore some mind-blowing physics, with talks, songs, games and beer to bring out your inner nerd. 

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Study solves mystery of how atoms split during fission

Scientists from the ANU and the University of Tsukuba have solved an 80-year-old mystery of how atoms split during nuclear fission, in a discovery that improves understanding about which atoms can form in star explosions and collisions in space.  See more.


JCOS Career Development Framework

The ANU Joint Colleges of Science invite Higher Degree Research student to participate in the JCOS Career Development Framework – this is an opportunity for HDR students to develop and get recognition for transferable skills, discipline-specific training, industry connections and experiences to be managed.

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Finance Team Notifications

Note that it is mandatory to purchase stationery, office supplies and furniture from WINC. See more.

2019 ARC Acquittal Statement period.  RSPE’s College Finance team asks that all CIs and Administrators please, liaise and respond to all queries and requests from the Finance team members during this very critical ARC Statement period.


Research Office Notifications

Funding Opportunity – Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Research Channels

Please note that there is a current call for research proposals from the Australian Institute of Sport in the areas of computational fluid dynamics and generative artificial intelligence.

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Equity and Diversity

Dr Jess Wade, a physicist at the Imperial College London, was named as one of "Nature's 10" people who mattered in 2018 for her role in boosting the profiles of scientists from under-represented groups. Read more here.




Director's Office
Tim Senden will be away on field work during the summer. The acting Director will be as follows:

30 Nov – 18 Jan : Ken Baldwin
21 - 25 Jan : Cedric Simenel
28 Jan - 1 Feb : Lan Fu


RSPE Orientation

Every Monday at 10:00am all new starters are invited to meet at reception to have a short tour of the School’s central areas and receive a welcome pack.

Bookings are not required.


Building Update

Two weeks ahead


RSPE Contacts

Admin Team

Jaeger Hub

Jaeger HR Team


Conference - 5 February

The 7th ANZAMP 2019 Annual Meeting -

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Keep Informed

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JCS Strategic Priorities Plan

RSPE Building Updates



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