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Weekly newsletter | vol 43 no 69 | 14–18 May 2018


Director's Message

Dear Colleagues,

Brilliant news just in! After a series of regional FameLab competitions, Toby Hendy (EME), has been awarded National runner-up in the Australian Finals. Please join me and congratulate her when you see her next.

Dr AJ Mitchell (Nuclear Physics) has kindly written a summary of a very interesting ECMR forum he and 200 Australian EMCRs attend two weeks ago. Run by the Australian Academy of Science the topic, “Diversify your Thinking”, featured keynote addresses from Dr Christine Williams, Acting Queensland Chief Scientist; Natalie Chapman, MD Gemaker; Prof Jennifer Martin, Director Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery.  Please speak to AJ if you would like further information or a copy of his report.

The ARC is now calling for applications from Australian DVCs for members of the ARC College of Experts.  Members are appointed for one year with annual extensions (subject to performance review) for a maximum appointment period of three years.  See ( for details.  If you are interested please let me know in the next week so I can provide details to the Dean and DVC(R) for their consideration. A/Prof Patrick Kluth and Prof John Close have recently served on the College and would be pleased to discuss their experiences in this critically important role.

This is the final week to initiate your annual PDR, and I hope you’re not as behind as I am. Please speak to your supervisors and consider the guidelines, especially the requirement to have non-zero service and teaching components for academic staff.  I do consider the coursework taught for Masters programs as contributing to the education component.

Have a great week, stay warm.



Congratulations to Kai and Rifat from NLPC for their recent win.

Mr Kai Wang - 2018 SPIE Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship - $4000

 Mr Rifat Ahmmed Aoni - 2018 SPIE Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship - $2500


Congratulations to Teck Seng Ho, Christine Charles and Bob Boswell for their article  “Performance modelling of plasma microthruster nozzles in vacuum,” which has been featured on the cover of Journal of Applied Physics. The editors commented "We think being selected for the “cover” is a big deal, and we hope you’re bragging about it too."


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MakerSpace - Learn by Doing - Dr John Debs of the ANU Research School of Physics and Engineering (RSPE) had a vision in mind when he proposed the ANU MakerSpace in 2015. “Our belief is that ANU needs a truly disciplinary epicentre of education that feeds directly into research – a learning community that forges creativity and stimulates the curious mind, in a mixing pot of disciplines and methodology.”

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The 2018 Federal Budget contains good news for Australian scientists and research institutions with welcome investments in critical national research infrastructure and medical research.

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Science Start Ups and Entrepreneurs - Are you a scientist-entrepreneur with an outstanding start-up company based on scientific research? Or a university or research institution looking to showcase your most promising academic spin-off? We got the perfect stage for you!

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2018 Bridging Grants - The Global Connections Fund (GCF) aims to provide initial funding support specifically to promote Australian Researchers and Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) collaboration.

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In 2010, the IUPAP and the AIP conducted the Global Survey of Physicists comparing experiences of men and women physicists around the world. It aided decisions on where interventions are best targeted. The 2018 global survey aims to have a better knowledge of the gender gap in science around the world, and will look at scientists’ development of interest in science, experiences in education and careers, family support, access to resources needed to conduct science, and opportunities to contribute to the scientific enterprise.

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End of Financial Year Funding Available: Women & Leadership Australia is administering a national initiative to support the development of female leaders across Australia’s science sector.

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The Energy Change Institute is holding it’s Open Day on 19 June 2018. - The Energy Change Institute Open Day showcases the latest energy research from ANU and provides a platform for exchanging ideas for ANU researchers, industry, government agencies and other energy stakeholders

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Outreach by DQS
Garran Primary School STEM Festival: Primary School teachers are doing some pretty amazing things in the class rooms such as a STEM Festival held over several days. Andrew Papworth (DQS) provided a range of hands-on activities with solar cells, hand generators and mini-solar cars. The photograph shows part of the class working with the generators; and for an 8 minute trip to Garran primary see below!

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Dept Seminars

14 May 2018
Prof Georgi Georgiev
Nuclear moments with radioactive ion beams: challenges, results and perspectives
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16 May 2018
Mr Tomas Eriksen
Investigation of the Hoyle state in 12C and the related triple alpha reaction rate
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16 May 2018
Ms Sabina Scully
The Schrodinger-Newton equation in semiclassical gravity
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16 May 2018
Dr Thomas Quella
Topological and symmetry broken phases of Z(N) parafermions in one dimension
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18 May 2018
Dr Ian McCulloch
Topological states in frustrated magnets
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School Seminar Program

Thursday 17 May 2018
Dr Danny Cocks
Making the transition: simulating the transport of e+ and e- in gases and liquids

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Conversations Across the Creek
Educating the Masses: Strategies for Science Communication and Medical De-mystification.

Friday 18 May 2018, 12.30–2pm
Eucalyptus Seminar Room,
RN Robertson Building
46 Sullivan Creek Road Acton

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Director's Colloquium

Monday 21 May 2018
Prof Lisa Kewley
Galaxy Formation and Evolution in 3D


Wednesday 23 May 2018
Join an evening of fun and excitement as ANU and ABC try to break a Guinness World Record. This is a free community event and will include a live screening of Stargazing Live with Brian Cox.

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Congratulations to Michael Blacksell on his marriage to Melinda at the weekend. RSPE wishes them all the best for their journey ahead.


Kath Hicks will be acting Senior School Administrator during Andrea Butlers secondment to CECS. Kath can be contacted on

James Irwin is acting School Manager until 22 June 2018 and can be contacted on

Jagadish will be on secondment at the Univeristy of California from 14 May to 16 October.


RSPE Orientation

Every Monday at 10:00am all new starters are invited to meet at reception to have a short tour of the School’s central areas and receive a welcome pack.

Bookings are not required.


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