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Weekly newsletter | vol 43 no 68 | 7–11 May 2018


Director's Message

Director’s Message

Dear Colleagues,

Congratulations to the organisers of the Autumn lunch for Women of Physics at ANU. By all accounts it was an enjoyable event with other lunches planned for the other season (see image below). 

A reminder that PDRs are due next week. As this is an annual process, recently completed PDRs will need to be reinitiated before May 16th for them to be registered as current.  Please also verify the data in Insights and obtain an ORCID number, both very important for our School review later this year.

There are two pics this week.  The one above was taken at the School morning tea to celebrate Greg Clark’s Companion of Australia, awarded at Government House the day before. The photo shows three of the four School recipients of the Australia’s highest civilian award (of the time).  Reflecting on his diverse career, Greg spoke about the wonderful places a foundation in physics can lead one.  He would welcome anyone contacting him if they would like to discuss their own potential career trajectory (

Have a great week,




9 May 2018 - Physics in the Pub: Colliding stars, quantum particles and Hawking’s black hole legacy. Come and join AJ Mitchell, Ed Simpson, Larissa Houston,Robert Ward and many others.

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23 May 2018 - Join an evening of fun and excitement as ANU and ABC try to break a Guinness World Record. This is a free community event and will include a live screening of Stargazing Live with Brian Cox.

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Recent research shows that female scientists suffer when their research proposals are judged primarily on the strength of their CVs. Gender bias goes away when grant reviewers focus on the science. With many of us currently in the process of reviewing the ARC applications, it is important to educate ourselves on the issue of gender bias.

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The Energy Change Institute is holding it’s Open Day on 19 June 2018. - The Energy Change Institute Open Day showcases the latest energy research from ANU and provides a platform for exchanging ideas for ANU researchers, industry, government agencies and other energy stakeholders

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The Forrest Research Foundation has been established with a gift of AU$130 million to support PhD scholars and post-doctoral fellows at any of the five universities in Western Australia. Applications for the second round of post-doctoral fellowships opened on 19 March and close on 18 May 2018.

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Applications close 13 May 2018 - The Embassy of France in Australia supports student mobility from Australia to France through the Nicolas Baudin Program, named for the French explorer and botanist who in 1802, at the same time as Matthew Flinders, charted the coast of New Holland (Australia).

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Applications close 21 May 2018 - The UA-DAAD scheme supports exchanges for Australian researchers.

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Australian Academy of Science 2019 Awards. The closing date for honorific award nominations is 1 May 2018 and 1 June 2018 for research conferences, research awards and travelling fellowships. 

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School Seminars

8 May
Dr Jean- Philippe Tetienne
Multi-modal imaging of condensed matter systems using ensembles of diamond-based quantum sensors
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11 May
Ms Wenjie Yang
Characterizing and understanding Au-hyperdoped Si for sub-band gap optical absorption
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14 May
Professor Georgi Georgiev
Nuclear moments with radioactive ion beams: challenges, results and perspectives
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16 May
Mr Tomas Eriksen
Investigation of the Hoyle state in 12C and the related triple alpha reaction rate
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School Seminar Program - 17 May

Dr Danny Cocks - Making the transition: simulating the transport of e+ and e- in gases and liquids

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Kath Hicks will be acting Senior School Administrator during Andrea Butlers secondment to CECS. Kath can be contacted on

James Irwin will continue to act as School Manager until 22 June 2018 and can be contacted on


Women only Information session - 9 May  Practical information and advice regarding the academic promotion process, including how to prepare a case for promotion.

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Have you completed a PDR in 2018?
If not, please see your supervisor NOW. All PDRs need to be completed by
16 May 2018.

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Changing your preferred name in HORUS - I am pleased to announce the release of new functionality that will enable staff to submit a request to update their preferred given, middle and last names within HORUS.

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RSPE Orientation

Every Monday at 10:00am all new starters are invited to meet at reception to have a short tour of the School’s central areas and receive a welcome pack.

Bookings are not required.


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