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Weekly newsletter | vol 43 no 11 | 3–7 April 2017


Dear Colleagues,

Next Thursday Department Heads, two reps from each Department and Professional Staff reps will meet to contemplate some of the boundary conditions for our Strategic Plan to be complete by the end of this year.  Principally, we will be setting the terms of reference for working parties on key topics such as staff and student career pathways, research infrastructure, academic standards and many other topics recently brought out in the VC’s Strategic Plan for ANU.  On Monday I will send a list of topics and welcome you to send some initial thoughts along with your HoDs and reps.  The meeting is really to put a framework around forming a School view on these topics, and not to conclude any specific plan on Thursday.  Over the next 6 months there will be plenty of scope for additional input.

Many thanks to all those who have contributed to the review of the Preliminary Sketch Plans.  We’ve had Simon working doubly hard on documenting the suggestions and I would personally like to thank him for his skill and diligence. Next week he will place large A1 prints of the floor plans in the Link Tea Room to assist the process further.  I fully appreciate this is a mountain of detail and extremely difficult to review.

Have a relaxing weekend,



Retiring Prof Neville Fletcher (EME)

Ode to String Theory

Modern Physics based on strings
Can model all existing things
And put each one into its place
In twenty-four dimensioned space.

But does this any insight give
About the world in which we live?
Or does it simply give a reason
For theorists’ annual travel season?

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Funding Opportunities

Academic and student funding opportunities.

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Consultation on Research Opportunity and Performance Evidence (ROPE)

The ARC are seeking feedback on ROPE from the sector. They want to hear from applicants, assessors and research office staff to understand if ROPE is working – if not – what can they do to make it better.

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Falling Walls Lab Australia 2017

This international forum promotes interdisciplinary connections between aspiring academics, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and professionals, known for their excellent work.

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TPR Toolkit and Thesis Boot Camp

Research Skills Training offers a two day intensive workshop to support your TPR twice a year. Be immersed in an intensive ‘writing studio’ where you will learn the secrets of highly productive academic writers. Along the way, you’ll pick up a range of tactics and strategies to help you succeed with the rest of your PhD.

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Science Early Career Academic Development Scheme

Aims to provide support, mentoring and training for early career academic staff in the STEM Colleges.

CPMS is seeking mid-career and more senior staff willing to act as a mentor for a more junior colleague.

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Departmental seminars

Sören Dörscher - 4 April
Frequency comparisons of optical clocks and their applications
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Dr Richard Henchman - 7 April
Computational Quantification of the Molecular Flexibility and Stability of Liquids and Solutions
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Staff movements

Department of Quantum Science (DQS)
Prof Ping Koy Lam will be acting HOD 3-10 April 2017.

Nuclear Physics (NP)
Prof Andrew Stuchbery is overseas 27 March - 11 April 2017.  Dr Greg Lane will be acting HOD during this period.

School Services (SS)
Mr David Anderson is on leave 27 March - 10 April.  Mr Steven Huynh will be acting EU Manager during this period.

Theoretical Physics (TP)
Prof Mukunda Das will participate and give a Keynote Talk in the 4th World Congress and Expo on Nanotechnology and Material Sciences at Barcelona, Spain during 5-7 April 2017.


Searching for Alumni with interesting careers

Motivated by both the response to the RSPE Cultural survey and continued feedback from students and staff we are working to put together a quick series of short alumni profiles of Physics ANU graduates.

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Join the ANU Climate Change Institute or the ANU Energy Change Institute

If you’re involved in research on climate and/or energy at ANU, either as a staff member or PhD student, you’re invited to join either or both of the following cross campus Institutes:

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Equity and Access

We need a far more radical approach to gender equality

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WHS Training Courses

  • Compressed Gas & Cryogenic Safety (WHHR05) - 6 April
  • Laser Safety (WHHR26) - 28 April


Scholarship for Space Plasma, Astronomy and Astrophysics

The scholarship is intended to aid postgraduate and research students undertaking a project in Space Plasma, Astronomy or Astrophysics and in exceptional circumstances to an undergraduate. 

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