Dr Sergey Sergeev

Dr  Sergey Sergeev
Visiting Fellow
Department of Theoretical Physics
Office phone
6201 5231

Research publications

Journal article

Bazhanov V, Sergeev S
A master solution of the quantum Yang-Baxter equation and classical discrete integrable equations
Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics 16, 1() 65-95
Sergeev S
Tetrahedron Equations and Nilpotent Subalgebras of Uq(sln)
Letters In Mathematical Physics 83() 231-235
Bazhanov V, Mangazeev V, Sergeev S
Quantum geometry of three-dimensional lattices
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment July 2008() 27p
Sergeev S
Integrability of q-oscillator lattice model
Physics Letters A 357, 6() 417-419
Sergeev S
Thermodynamic limit for a spin lattice
Journal of Statistical Physics 123, 6() 1231-1250
Bortz M, Sergeev S
The Q-deformed Bose Gas: Integrability and Thermodynamics
European Physical Journal B 51() 395-405
Sergeev S
Ansatz of Hans Bethe for a Two-dimensional Lattice Bose Gas
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 39() 3035-3045
Bazhanov V, Sergeev S
Zamolodchikov's Tetrahedron Equation and Hidden Structure of Quantum Groups
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 39, 13() 3295-3310
Sergeev S
Quantization Scheme for Modular q-Difference Equations
Theoretical and Mathematical Physics 143, 3() 422-430
Von Gehlen G, Pakuliak S, Sergeev S
The Bazhanov-Stroganov Model from 3D Approach
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 38() 7269-7298
Von Gehlen G, Pakuliak S, Sergeev S
Theta-function Parametrization and Fusion for 3D Integrable Boltzmann Weights
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 37, 4() 1159-1179
Sergeev S
Quantum Integrable Models in Discrete 2 + 1 Dimensional Space-Time: Auxiliary Linear Problem on a Lattice, Zero-Curvature Representation, Isospectral Deformation of the Zamolodchikov-Bazhanov-Baxter Model
Physics of Particles and Nuclei 35, 5() 1-31
Sergeev S
Functional Equations and Quantum Separation of Variables for 3d Spin Models
Theoretical and Mathematical Physics 138, 2() 226-237
Sergeev S
Evolution Operator for a Quantum Pendulum
Theoretical and Mathematical Physics 138, 1() 28-32
Pakuliak S, Sergeev S
Spectral Curves and Parameterization of a Discrete Integrable Three-dimensional Model
Theoretical and Mathematical Physics 136, 1() 917-935

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