Higher degree by research completions

Student Year Thesis title Supervisor
M. Dudalev 2012 Computational Approach to Scaling and Criticality in Planar Ising Models Bazhanov & Mangazeev
J.Y. Lee 2011 Thermodynamics and Correlation Functions of Integrable Models in One-Dimension Guan & Batchelor
M. Smith 2011
Tachyon condensation in open string field theory and the beta gamma conformal field theory Bouwknegt
W. Chang 2010 Dissipative Solitons and Their Applications Akhmediev & Ankiewicz
N. Devine 2010 Dissipative Solitons Akhmediev & Ankiewicz
D. Botman 2009
Spin Foam Quantization of 2D Supergravity Bouwknegt
P.P-W. Kao 2008 T-Duality and Poisson-Lie T-Duality in Generalized Geometry Bouwknegt
G. Gnanapragasam 2008 Bose-Einstein Condensation in the Presence Of Confinement and Interaction Das
A. L . Sullivan 2008 Competitive Thermokinetics and Non-linear Bushfire Behaviour Ball
M. J. Zidikheri 2008 Dynamical Subgrid-scale parameterizations for Quasigeostrophic Flows using Direct Numerical Simulations Ball
T. Vora 2006 The Computational Modelling of Biological Ion Channels Chung
N. Oelkers 2006 Exactly Solved Models and the Physical Properties of Quantum Spin systems and Quantum Gases Batchelor & Guan
P.M.R. Brydon 2006 Low Dimensional Systems in Condensed Matter Physics Gulacsi
M.L. O’Mara 2004 Computational Modelling of Ion Channels and Channel Permeation Chung
B.F. McMillan 2004 Global Wave Modes of Dissipative Fluid Models in Strongly Three Dimensional Plasmas:Calculation and Interpretation Dewar & (Gardner)
R.Y. Chan 2004 Canonical Perturbative Approach to Strongly Correlated Systems Gulacsi
S.S. Lloyd 2003 Simulating Magnetic Islands of the H-INF Heliac using the MHD Equilibrium Code HINT Dewar & (Gardner)
A.B. Khorev 2002 The Concept of Approximate Action-Angle Variables for Nonintegrable Hamiltonian Dynamics Dewar
G.B. Ericksson 2002 The Isotropic Singularity in Cosmological Models Robson & (Scott)
B.A. Corry 2002 Simulation Studies of Biological Ion Channels Kuyucak & (Chung)
I. McCulloch 2001 Collective Phenomena in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems Gulacsi
A.N. Hibberd 2001 Yang-Baxter Relations in Conformal Field Theory Bazhanov
M. Walker 2000 Chiral Symmetry in Supersymmetric QED3 and QED4 Burden
S.H. Sutanto 2000 Relativistic Wave Equations, Compton Scattering and Hydrogenic Atoms Robson
P.C. Tjiang 1999 Gauge Covariance and Fermion-Photon Vertex In Massless QED Burden
M. Hoyles 1999 Computer Simulation of Biological Ion Channels Kuyucak & (Chung)
P. Cuthbert 1999 Ballooning Instabilities in Three-Dimensional Toroidal Plasmas Dewar
M. Arifin 1999 MSc Calculation of Two-Electron Photoionization of Metastable Helium using the Convergent Close-Coupling Method Kheifets
M. Roberts 1998 An Algebraic Model of Molecular Spectra Kuyucak
G.B. Honner 1998 - Das & Gulacsi
R.M. Ellem 1998 The Thermodynamic Bethe Ansatz Approach To Exactly Solvable Models in Statistical Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory Bazhanov
J.L.V. Lewandowski 1997 Drift Wave Models for 3-Dimensional Plasmas Dewar & Persson
S.R. Hudson 1997 Generalized Magnetic Coordinates for Toroidal Magnetic Fields Dewar
S.A. Dettrick 1997 Drift Orbits and Neoclassical Transport in the H-1NF Heliac Dewar & (Gardner)
B.C. Den Hertog 1997 Strongly Correlated Electrons in High Temperature Superconductors Das
T.W. Allen 1997 The Positronium Mass Spectrum in Three-Dimensional Quantum Electrodynamics Burden
A.V. Vagov 1996 Isospectral Transformations and One-Dimensional Disordered Electronic Systems Das
M.J. O’Rourke 1996 Interfacial Tension and Finite-Size Effects of some Exactly Solved Models in Statistical Mechanics Baxter
S.C. Li 1996 Investigation of Deformed Nuclei in Interacting Boson Models Kuyucak & Robson
D.J.C. Jackson 1996 Freezing of the Flux Liquid in High Temperature Superconductors Das
T-C Toh 1995 Non-Perturbative Quantum Gravity: the Loop Representation Anderson & Tassie
I-K Oh 1995 Electron-Phonon Interaction in Low-Dimensional Systems Das & Mahanty
Z. Meglicki 1995 Analysis and Applications of Smoothed Particle Magnetohydrodynamics Dewar, (Bicknell)
D.J. Daniel 1995 Application of R-Matrix Theory to Low Energy e-H2 Scattering Robson
D. Bofinger 1994 Pion-Nucleon Scattering and Deuteron Photodisintegration at Intermediate Energies Woolcock
K.P. Wessen 1993 Application of the Invariant Manifold Reduction To Plasma Instabilities Dewar & Persson
K. Wang 1993 Dielectric Screening in Metals and Alloys Mahanty
D.S. Staudte 1993 Spin-1/2 Wave Equations in Relativistic Quantum Mechanics Robson
A. Pletzer 1992 Two-Dimensional Computation of the Outer Matching-Data in Resistive Stability Studies Dewar
T.J. Allen 1991 Stability of Cosmic Strings Tassie
C-M. Yung 1990 Non-perturbative Studies of QED in (2 + 1) Dimensions Hamer & Burden
R.K. Standish 1990 On Various Questions in Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics relating to Swarms And Fluid Flow Kumar & (Evans)
A.L. Owczarek 1989 Properties of the Six Vertex and Related Models in Statistical Mechanics Baxter
M.J.W. Hall 1989 Locality, Probability and Quantum Mechanics Kumar
G.J. Cooper 1989 Stability of Helical Plasmas Dewar & (Blackwell)
C.R. Allton 1988 Finite-Lattice Studies in Hamiltonian Field Theory Hamer
R.D. Parker 1987 Nonlinear Behaviour of the Resistive Tearing Instability in Plasmas Dewar
M.T. Michalewicz 1987 Interactions of Charges with Solids Mahanty
H.J. Gardner 1986 The Free Boundary Equilibrium Problem for Helically Symmetric Plasmas Dewar
P.J. Forrester 1985 Exactly Solved Model in Statistical Mechanics And their Interplay with Classical Analysis Baxter
C.J. Burden 1982 Strings, Quarks, Diquarks, Baryons, Exotic Mesons and Glueballs Tassie
N. Ferdous 1981 Some Cases of Isospin Mixing and Isospin Distortion in Light Nuclei Barker
R.A. Baldock 1980 Microscopic Calculation of Heavy-Ion Scattering Robson
S.K. Tsang 1979 Corner Transfer Matrices of the Ising Model in Statistical Mechanics Baxter
P. Summerside 1979 Role of Collective Models in some Surface Properties of Metals Mahanty
R. Mehrotra 1979 Collective Response of Electrons and Surface Properties of Metals Mahanty
W.K. Koo 1978 Nuclear Structure, Form Factors, Quadrupole Moments and Electronuclear Sum Rules Tassie
D.D. Richardson 1976 A Phenomenological Theory of Magnon Sidebands in the Spectra of Magnetic Insulators Mahanty
S.B Kelland 1976 The Ice & Potts Models in Statistical Mechanics Baxter
S.S. Ahmad 1976 Natural Boundary Condition Methods for Nuclear Reactions Robson
R.E. Robson 1972 Transport Phenomena in Neutral and Ionized Gases Kumar
J.S. Frederiksen 1972 The Analytic Properties of the Triangle and Box Diagram Amplitudes Woolcock
W.J. Van Megen 1971 Study of Nuclear Reaction Studies Robson
W.I. Robertson 1971 Wave Packet Scattering and Time Delay Mukherjee
M. Kac 1971 MSc Weak Decays of Strange Particles Le Couteur
G.B. Smith 1970 Estimation of the Properties of Quarks Tassie
R.L. Pope 1970 The Recombination of Diatomic Molecules And its Effects in Expanding Gas lows Tassie & (Hornung)
G. Delic 1970 The Deuteron D-State and (d,p) Reactions Robson
N. Kumar 1970 Effective Nuclear Interactions and Level Properties for the Lighter Nuclei in the 1p Shell Barker
E.W. Walsh 1969 Plasma Distributions and Particle Motion Le Couteur
D.M.M. Bedford 1969 Relativistic Invariance in Particle Physics Le Couteur
N.N. Trofimenkoff 1968 Non-leptonic Hyperon Decays Nakagawa & Furui
S.C. Gupta 1968 Transport Coefficients of Binary Gas Mixtures Le Couteur
K.C. Young 1967 A Method for Calculating Boson Production at Very High Energy Peaslee
R.J. Baxter 1965 Aspects of the Statistical Mechanics of Gases Le Couteur
M.K. Roy 1965 A Fermi-Thomas Type Method for Atoms and Nuclei Le Couteur
H.A. Cohen 1965 Dispersion Theoretic Approach to Graph Theories of Charged Particles of Spin 0,1/2,1 Peaslee
R.M. Dreizler 1964 A Nuclear Core-Particle Coupling Model with Applications in the 2s-1d Shell Peaslee
E. Bradford 1962 Selected Proton Reactions in Light Nuclei Barker
P.W. Seymour 1961 Temperature and Stability Properties of a Radially Constricted Steady-State Plasma Le Couteur
D.W. Lang 1960 Some Aspects of Statistical Theory in Nuclear Reactions Le Couteur

(……) Supervisor not a member of Department at the time

List compiled by Kailash Kumar and Brian Robson

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