Available student project - Quantum Device Engineering

Research fields

  • Engineering in Physics
  • Quantum Science and Technology

Project details

Quantum technologies present revolutionary changes in our capability to perform measurements, process information, and communicate. For example, quantum computers promise the ability to solve problems that would otherwise be impossible using classical technology, and quantum microscopes are already revealing exciting new insights at the nano- and micro-scale, across scientific disciplines. We are currently seeing a worldwide push to transition quantum techonologies out of physics labs and into real-world applications. This push is expected to clash with a shortage of 'quantum engineers' capable of solving the multitude of engineering challenges that the technology development will present. 

Our group is working to engineer marketable quantum devices, such as small-scale quantum computers, and to develop new quantum microscopy tools and techniques. This work includes both software and hardware development, and use of simulation packages such as COMSOL. Student projects can include:

  • Electronics, e.g. simulation and design of microwave-radiofrequency diplexers for integrated quantum microchips
  • Machine learning, e.g. to optimise gate fidelity and speed on a quantum computer
  • Experiment building, e.g construction and characterisation of a nanoscale quantum microscope
  • Magnetic circuits, e.g. simulation and construction of an automated vector magnet
  • Experiment control, e.g. software integration of a confocal microscope with an atomic force microscope
  • Nanofabrication, e.g. nano-photonic/phononic architectures for enhanced diamond quantum network ports
  • Optimal control, e.g. designing quantum control protocols

There are opportunities at a range of levels for students with both theoretical and experimental backgrounds. We will work with students to tailor a project to their interests and experience. 

Required background

Completion of at least one 2nd year Physics, Computer Science, or Engineering course

Project suitability

This research project can be tailored to suit students of the following type(s)
  • 3rd year special project
  • PhB (2nd or 3rd year)
  • Honours project
  • Phd or Masters
  • Vacation scholar

Contact supervisor

Horsley, Andrew profile

Other supervisor(s)

Doherty, Marcus profile

Barson, Michael profile

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