Available student project - A new tool for measuring structural changes under pressure

Research fields

  • Materials Science and Engineering

Project details

The aims of this project is to develop an in-situ Raman capability to obtain dynamic structural and mechanical behaviour of materials as a function of pressure during nanoindentation. The motivation for the work lies in the fact that many important materials such as silicon and carbon, undergo very interesting structural changes when extreme pressures are applied using diamond anvil cells. Point loading using small diamond tips via nanoindentation also results in such changes. The latter approach has many advantages such as an ability to control the degree of shear and loading and unloading rates. By coupling the ability to locally apply pressure very precsily with an optical probe, it it hoped that a new instrument with a range of exciting applications can be built.

Required background

This project would suit a student who is keen to work directly with industry and has a background in optical systems. Must have a professional outlook, enjoy teamwork and process excellent communication skills as the student will be a key part of the link with the company involved with this project.

Project suitability

This research project can be tailored to suit students of the following type(s)
  • Phd or Masters

Contact supervisor

Bradby, Jodie profile

Other supervisor(s)

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