Diamond quantum science and technology

Department of Quantum Science and Technology


In our group, we focus on the science and innovation of quantum technologies based upon optical defects in diamond and related materials. The technologies span quantum microscopy, quantum computing and quantum communications, and have the potential to revolutionize science and technology.

For example, quantum microscopes using individual diamond defects have performed such feats as magnetic resonance spectroscopy of single molecules and thermometry within living cells. Quantum communication between defects in distant diamonds has enabled the conduct of loop-hole free tests of Bell’s inequalities. Clusters of diamond defects have realized small-scale quantum processors capable of implementing quantum algorithms at room temperature.

Our research is organized into three parallel programs:

The activities of these programs are both theoretical and experimental and extend from first-principles modelling and spectroscopy of solid-state defects to the design and demonstration of quantum devices.

Our group prides itself on its diverse collaborations with researchers across Australia and the world as well as scientific disciplines.

Research streams

Our research program is broadly divided into three research streams.

Defect discovery and engineering

Discovering, characterizing and engineering new defects for quantum technology

Quantum microscopy

Innovation of quantum microscopy techniques for interdisciplinary science

Quantum computing and communications

Tackling the major barriers to large-scale quantum computing and communications

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