Dr Mika Kohonen

Dr Mika Kohonen
Department of Quantum Science
Physics Education Centre
Quantum Science & Technology
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Physics 1 61

Research publications

Journal article

Orchard M, Kohonen M, Humphries S
The influence of surface energy on the self-cleaning of insect adhesive devices
Journal of Experimental Biology 215, 2() 279-286
Anyon M, Orchard M, Buzza D, Humphries S, Kohonen M
Effect of particulate contamination on adhesive ability and repellence in two species of ant (Hymenoptera; Formicidae)
Journal of Experimental Biology 215, 4() 605-616
Kohonen M
On the Function of Wall Sculpturing in Xylem Conduits
Journal of Bionic Engineering 6, 4() 324-329
Kohonen M
Engineered wettability in tree capillaries
Langmuir 22, 7() 3148-3153
Kohonen M, Gazeas K, Scheel M, Schier C, Herminghaus S
On Capillary Bridges in Wet Granular Materials
Physica A: Statistical mechanics and its applications 339() 7-15
Geromichalos D, Kohonen M, Mugele F, Herminghaus S
Mixing and Condensation in a Wet Granular Medium
Physical Review Letters 90, 16() 168702- 1- 4
Maeda N, Israelachvili J, Kohonen M
Evaporation and Instabilities of Microscopic Capillary Bridges
PNAS - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 100() 803-808
Kohonen M, Christenson H
Particles on melt-cut mica sheets are platinum
Langmuir 19, 3() 975-976
Kohonen M
Capillarity at the nanoscale: An AFM view
Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology 16, 7() 951-964
Kohonen M, Christenson H
Capillary condensation from vapors of n-hexane/perfluoro-n-hexane mixtures
Journal of Physical Chemistry B Materials 106, 26() 6685-6695
Kohonen M, Christenson H
Phase behavior of long-chain n-alkanes at one and between two mica surfaces
Journal of Physical Chemistry B Materials 105, 25() 5906-5913
Kohonen M, Christenson H
Adsorption from pure and mixed vapours of n-hexane and n-perfluorohexane
European Physical Journal E 6, 4() 315-323
Maeda N, Kohonen M, Christenson H
Phase Transition of n-Alkane Layers Adsorbed on Mica
Physical Review E 61() 7239-7242
Kohonen M, Christenson H
Capillary Condensation of Water between Rinsed Mica Surfaces
Langmuir 16() 7285-7288
Kohonen M, Kohonen M, Kohonen M, Kohonen M, Karaman M, Karaman M, Pashley R, Pashley R
Debye Length in Multivalent Electrolyte Solutions
Langmuir 16() 5749-5753
Kohonen M, Maeda N, Christenson H
Kinetics of Capillary Condensation in a Nanoscale Pore
Physical Review Letters 82, 23() 4667-4670
Pashley R, Craig V, Kohonen M
Use of the light-lever technique for the measurement of colloidal forces
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 144, 1-Mar() 1-Aug

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