Plasma Research Laboratory reimbursement procedures

General reimbursement (non-travel)

  1. Complete a general reimbursement form.
  2. Attach original receipts and give to Departmental Administrator.
  3. Unless otherwise stated your reimbursement will be credited to the same bank account as your salary.
  4. Reimbursement for visitor should follow the visitor reimbursement instructions below.

Visitor reimbursement

  1. Any financial commitment to a visitor should be stated in the original offer letter sent out by HR (for Occupational Trainee and Visiting Fellow) or by the Head of Department (Department Visitor)
  2. On arrival visitor will need to provide information for Departmental Administrator to complete this form. This will ensure quicker processing when reimbursement is required.
  3. When reimbursement is required the visitor should bring all original receipts to the DA who will check and prepare a visitor expense memo and submit it to the Finance Department.

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