Professor Vincent Craig

Professor Vincent Craig
Department of Applied Mathematics
PhD 1997
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Cockcroft 3 22
Curriculum vitae
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Publication list
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Research publications

Book chapter

Aqua Incognita Craig V, Cui J, Brazier T
On the surface tension of electrolyte solutions
Aqua Incognita
Connor Court Publishing, Ballarat (2014) 341-349
Drops and Bubbles in Contact with Solid Surfaces Craig V, Zhang X, Hu J
Nanobubbles at Hydrophobic Surfaces
Drops and Bubbles in Contact with Solid Surfaces
CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida, USA (2012) 159-174
Specific Ion Effects Craig V, Henry C
Specific Ion Effects at the Air-Water Interface: Experimental Studies
Specific Ion Effects
World Scientific Publishing Company, New York (2010) 191-214

Journal article

Wu B, Liu G, Zhang G, Craig V
Polyelectrolyte multilayers under compression: concurrent osmotic stress and colloidal probe atomic force microscopy
Soft Matter 14, 6() 961-968
Ishida N, Matsuo K, Imamura K, Craig V
Hydrophobic Attraction Measured between Asymmetric Hydrophobic Surfaces
Langmuir 34, 12() 3588-3596
Quinn M, Wang T, Kobaisi M, Craig V, Notley S
PEO-PPO-PEO surfactant exfoliated graphene cyclodextrin drug carriers for photoresponsive release
Materials Chemistry and Physics 205() 154-163
Mazzini V, Craig V
Volcano Plots Emerge from a Sea of Nonaqueous Solvents: The Law of Matching Water Affinities Extends to All Solvents
ACS Central Science 4, 8() 1056-1064
Morton J, Chrysina M, Craig V, Akita F, Nakajima Y, Lubitz W, Cox N, Shen J, Krausz E
Structured near-infrared Magnetic Circular Dichroism spectra of the Mn4CaO5 cluster of PSII in T. vulcanus are dominated by Mn(IV) d-d ‘spin-flip’ transitions
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta: Bioenergetics 1859, 2() 88-98
Teh E, Leong Y, Craig V
Surface Forces and Rheology of Titanium Dioxide in the Presence of Dicarboxylic Acids: From Molecular Interactions to Yield Stress
Langmuir 33, 6() 1496-1506
Eom N, Parsons D, Craig V
Roughness in Surface Force Measurements: Extension of DLVO Theory to Describe the Forces between Hafnia Surfaces
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 121, 26() 6442-6453
Xu Y, Hua Z, Zhang J, Yang J, Cao Z, Zhang D, He L, Craig V, Zhang G, Liu G
Mimicking enzymatic systems: Modulation of the performance of polymeric organocatalysts by ion-specific effects
Chemical Communications 52, 16() 3392-3395
Yu Y, Chen H, Liu Y, Craig V, Lai Z
Selective separation of oil and water with mesh membranes by capillarity
Advances in Colloid and Interface Science 235() 46-55
Zhu J, An H, Alheshibri M, Liu L, Terpstra P, Liu G, Craig V
Cleaning with Bulk Nanobubbles
Langmuir 32, 43() 11203-11211
WU B, Wang X, Yang J, Hua Z, Tian K, Kou R, Zhang J, Ye S, Luo Y, Craig V, Zhang G, Liu G
Reorganization of hydrogen bond network makes strong polyelectrolyte brushes pH-responsive
Science Advances 2, 8() e1600579-e1600579
Wong W, Li M, Nisbet D, Craig V, Wang Z, Tricoli A
Mimosa Origami: A nanostructure-enabled directional self-organization regime of materials
Science Advances 2, 6() 1-9.
Alheshibri M, Jehannin M, Craig V, Qian J
A History of Nanobubbles
Langmuir 32, 43() 11086-11100
Fan X, Liu H, Gao Y, Zou Z, Craig V, Zhang G, Liu G
Forward-Osmosis Desalination with Poly(Ionic Liquid) Hydrogels as Smart Draw Agents
Advanced Materials 28, 21() 4156-4161
Fan X, Liu H, Gao Y, Zou Z, Craig V, Zhang G, Liu G
Forward-Osmosis Desalination with Poly(Ionic Liquid) Hydrogels as Smart Draw Agents
Advanced Materials 28, 21() 4156-4161
Mazzini V, Craig V
Specific-ion effects in non-aqueous systems
Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science 23() 82-93
Wong W, Nasiri-Varg N, Liu G, Rumsey-Hill N, Craig V, Nisbet D, Tricoli A
Flexible Transparent Hierarchical Nanomesh for Rose Petal-Like Droplet Manipulation and Lossless Transfer
Advanced Materials Interfaces 2, 9() 1-11
McDonald S, Wood J, Fitzgerald P, Craig V, Warr G, Atkin R
Interfacial and bulk nanostructure of liquid polymer nanocomposites
Langmuir 31, 12() 3763-3770
An H, Liu G, Craig V
Wetting of nanophases: Nanobubbles, nanodroplets and micropancakes on hydrophobic surfaces
Advances in Colloid and Interface Science 222() 9-17
Yu Y, Chen H, Liu Y, Craig V, Li L, Chen Y
Superhydrophobic and superoleophilic boron nitride nanotube-coated stainless steel meshes for oil and water separation
Advanced Materials Interfaces 1, 1() 1300002/1-5
Wang T, Long Y, Liu L, Wang X, Craig V, Zhang G, Liu G
Cation-specific conformational behavior of polyelectrolyte brushes: From aqueous to nonaqueous solvent
Langmuir 30, 43() 12850-12859
German S, Wu X, An H, Craig V, Mega T, Zhang X
Interfacial nanobubbles are leaky: Permeability of the gas/water interface
ACS Nano 8, 6() 6193-6201
Seddon J, Lohse D, Ducker W, Craig V
A Deliberation on Nanobubbles at Surfaces and in Bulk
ChemPhysChem 13, 8() 2179-2187
Walsh R, Howard S, Nelson A, Skinner W, Liu G, Craig V
Model surfaces produced by atomic layer deposition
Chemistry Letters 41, 10() 1247-1249
Notley S, Craig V, Fogden A, Evans D
Adsorption of dispersants at a polyester resin-alkane interface
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 377, 1-3() 318-324
Howard S, Atkin R, Craig V
Effect of electrolyte species on the adsorption of a cationic surfactant to silica: The common intersection point
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 347, 1-3() 109-113.
Wu Z, Chen H, Dong Y, Mao H, Sun J, Chen S, Craig V, Hu J
Cleaning using nanobubbles: Defouling by electrochemical generation of bubbles
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 328() 10-14
van Zwol P, Palasantzas G, van de Schootbrugge M, de Hosson J, Craig V
Roughness of Microspheres for Force Measurements
Langmuir 24() 7528-7531
Henry C, Parkinson L, Ralston J, Craig V
A Mobile Gas−Water Interface in Electrolyte Solutions
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112, 39() 15094-15097
Henry C, Dalton C, Lam L, Craig V
Ion-Specific Coalescence of Bubbles in Mixed Electrolyte Solutions
Journal of Physical Chemistry A 111() 1015-1023
Voltaire J, Fogden A, Craig V, Jansson D, Jacobsson N
Acoustic investigation of cavitation noise from offset ink film splitting
Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal 21, 3() 314-323
Craig V, Senden T
A Forecast of Developments in Scanned Probe Microscopy
Australian Journal of Chemistry 59() 355-358
Evans D, Craig V
The Origin of Surface Stress induced by the Adsorption of Iodine on Gold
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110, 39() 19507-19514
Evans D, Parsons D, Craig V
Physical Properties of Phase-Change Emulsions
Langmuir 22() 9538-9545
Neto C, Evans D, Bonaccurso E, Butt H, Craig V
Boundary slip in Newtonian liquids: a review of experimental studies
Reports on Progress in Physics 68() 2859-2897
Notley S, Biggs S, Craig V, Wagberg L
Adsorbed Layer Structure of a weak polyelectrolyte studied by Colloidal Probe Microscopy and QCM-D
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 6() 2379-2386
Craig V
Bubble Coalescence and Specific-ion Effects
Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science 9() 178-184
Evans D, Craig V, Senden T
The Hydrophobic Force: Nanobubbles or Polymeric Contaminant?
Physica A: Statistical mechanics and its applications 339() 101-105
Hermawan M, Bushell G, Craig V, Teoh W, Amal R
Floc Strength Characterization Technique. An Insight into Silica Aggregation
Langmuir 20() 6450-6457
Henry C, Neto C, Evans D, Biggs S, Craig V
The Effect of Surfactant Adsorption on Liquid Boundary Slippage
Physica A: Statistical mechanics and its applications 339() 60-65
Neto C, Craig V, Williams D
Evidence of Shear-dependent Boundary Slip in Newtonian Liquids
European Physical Journal E 12() S71-S74
Bostrom A, Craig V, Albion R, Williams D, Ninham B
Hofmeister Effects in pH Measurements: Role of Added Salt and Co-ions
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 107, 13() 2875-2878
Atkin R, Craig V, Wanless E, Biggs S
Adsorption of 12-s-12 Gemini Surfactants at the Silica-aqueous Solution Interface
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 107, 13() 2978-2985
Atkin R, Craig V, Hartley P, Wanless E, Biggs S
Adsorption of Ionic Surfactants to a Plasma Polymer Substrate
Langmuir 19() 4222-4227
Atkin R, Craig V, Wanless E, Biggs S
Mechanism of Cationic Surfactant Adsorption at the Solid-aqueous Interface
Advances in Colloid and Interface Science 103() 219-304
Bonaccurso E, Butt H, Craig V
Surface Roughness and Hydrodynamic Boundary Slip of a Newtonian Fluid in a Completely Wetting System
Physical Review Letters 90, 14() 144501-1-4
Craig V, Neto C, Williams D
Shear-Dependent Boundary Slip in an Aqueous Newtonian Liquid
Physical Review Letters 87, 5() 054504-1-4
Craig V, Jones A, Jones A, Senden T
Contact Angles of Aqueous Solutions on Copper Surfaces Bearing Self-Assembled Monolayers
Journal of Chemical Education 78, 3() 345-346
Notley S, Craig V
Modification of a commercial atomic force microscope for nanorheological experiments: Adsorbed polymer layers
Microscopy and Microanalysis 6, 2() 121-128
Craig V
Measurement of the adhesion of a viscoelastic sphere to a flat non-compliant substrate
Journal of Adhesion 74, 1-4() 125-142
Kucheyev S, Williams J, Jagadish AC C, Zou J, Craig V, Li G
Ion-Beam-Induced Porosity of GaN
Applied Physics Letters 77() 1455-1457
Notley S, Craig V, Biggs S
Modification of a Commercial AFM for Nano-Rheological Experiments: Adsorbed Polymer Layers
Microscopy and Microanalysis 6() 121-128
Craig V, Ninham B, Pashley R
Direct measurement of hydrophobic forces: a study of dissolved gas, approach rate and neutron irradiation
Langmuir 15(4)() 1562-1569
Gallardo B, Gupta V, Eagerton F, Jong L, Craig V, Shah R, Abbott N
Electrochemical principles for active control of liquids on submillimeter scales
Science 283() 57-60
Craig V, Ninham B
Direct Measurement of the Hydrophobic Attraction: The Effects of Dissolved Gas, Approach Rate and Neutron Irradiation
Langmuir 15() 1562-1569
Pashley R, Craig V, Kohonen M
Use of the light-lever technique for the measurement of colloidal forces
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 144, 1-Mar() 1-Aug
Craig V, Ninham B, Pashley R
Study of the long-range hydrophobic attraction in concentrated salt solutions and its implications for electrostatic models
Langmuir 14, 12() 3326-3332

Conference paper

Eom N, Walsh R, Liu G, Parsons D, Craig V
Surface forces in particle technology: Wet systems
7th World Congress on Particle Technology, WCPT 2014 102() 24-34
Teh E, Leong Y, Liu Y, Craig V, Walsh R, Howard S, Becker T
Additional attractive force between alumina particles due to low solubility of Dicarboxylic acids
International Mineral Processing Congress 1() 395-405
Craig V, Henry C
Inhibition of Bubble Coalescence by Salts and Sugars
International Mineral Processing Congress 3() 1815-1826
Craig V
The complex influence of electrolytes on bubble coalescence
Chemical Congress 2008 () 1
Selomulya C, Hermawan M, Bushell G, Craig V, Amal R
Characterizing the Bond Strength of Aggregates in Suspension
Australasian Conference on Chemical Engineering 2004 () Paper 273

Journal short contribution (non refereed)

Journal article (non-refereed)

Aste T, Craig V, Hyde S
New Materials and Complexity
Physica A: Statistical mechanics and its applications 339() xv-xvi

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