Dr Ji-Youn Arns

Dr Ji-Youn Arns
Visiting Fellow
Department of Applied Mathematics
Office phone
Applied Maths Cottages 1 14


Dr JiYoun Arns is currently working as a 3D CT image data analyst who works in the multidisciplinary projects with Civil eng, Manufacturing and mechanical eng, Petroleum eng, BEES and SPREE to integrate the different imaging techniques or other lab measurements by supporting the findings of different research projects with the 3D direct image based numerical calculation. She worked as X-ray instrument scientist (https://www.engineering.unsw.edu.au/petroleum-engineering/alumni-industr...), previously developed the successful acquisition of  mice leg image with muscles, 4D cement hydration imaging and in-situ multiphase flow imaging. Her research was  multi phase flow through porous media to understand the flow mechanism. The knowledge of pore-scale multi phase flow ultimately enhances efficient oil and gas recovery as well as prevents the contamination in underground water resource. Pore-scale network modeling is another way to upscale the micro scale details to calculate macro scale flow or structural properties. Her PhD is about pore scale network modeling for three phase flow to abstract/understand the effect of pore geometry and topology in multi phase flow. Imaging processing & acquisition for Digital Core Technology are her main expert and she has previously worked a number of PhDs and MDs in UNSW, ANU and Helmholtz center for environment research. (https://physics.anu.edu.au/appmaths/people/profile.php?ID=629&tab=publications)


1) X-ray image science experience for German International High school Intern program

2) the promotion of girls engineering career with Woman in Engineering

3) Open days for high school visitis at X-ray CT facilities

Technical expertise

Career profile :

X-ray CT image scientist

  • Committed to fulfil the highest standard of X-ray CT technical experts to serve the external and internal clients with over 10 years’ experience in research, R&D projects and industries.

  • Well-developed interpersonal and communication skills gained through the collaboration and work engagement with external parties, such as ANU, FEI, Numerical Rocks, SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineering), RESMED (medical company),  and internal parties such as MWAC, the UNSW Radiation Safety Committee and various research groups with over 5 years’ experience.

  • Strong multitasking organizational ability demonstrated through establishing Digital work flow of the CT preparation lab, the CT acquisition lab and the CT data processing lab, building a supporting community of the Tyree X-ray CT through various schools, across faculties and disciplines, and further administration and business development with MWAC and IT with less than 1.5 years of the Tyree CT opening.


  • Plastic degradation project, with Dr RH Fitri Faradilla  at Food Science and Technology, Halu Oleo University, Indonesia Prof C. Arns and Prof Jayashree Arcot  at Chem Eng, UNSW
  • Composite material's elastic properties with Prof C. Arns, Dr Ebrahim Orom and Prof Gangara Prusty at Mech Eng, UNSW
  • Composite weaving yarn with Prof C. Arns, Dr Nayeem Chowdhury under the supervision of Dr Garth Perce at Mech. Eng. UNSW
  • Cement fiber projects with Dr Marta Miletic at Civil Eng. Auburn University, USA Prof C. Arns,  Dr Ankit and Prof Stephen Foster at Civil Eng, UNSW
  • Cement hydration project with Dr Mark Bligh, Prof David Waite at Civil Eng, UNSW
  • Coke material with Dr Koshy and Prof C. Arns  at Material Eng. UNSW
  • Fossible mineral identification and Coal mineral identification with Georgia Soares, Erica Baslow, and Prof Martin Van Kranendonk, Prof Colin Ward BEES
  • Fine migration PhD student Muhan with Dr Furqan Hussain Pet Eng. UNSW.
  •  NMR & Wettability project, with Dr Igor and Prof Christoph Arns
  •  Multiscale reconsturction with Dr. Yuzhu Wang, Prof Sheik Rahman and Prof C. Arns
  • Water resources and contamination with Dr Wendy Tims at Mine Eng.
  • Ti material chracterization with AProf Alison Lennon, Renewable Energy
  • 4D Bio Char Prof Stephen Joseph The University of Wollongong
  • Mice Leg  Dr Melissa Knock Tate, Prof Carl Power


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