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Research publications

Book chapter

Yokoyama Y, Yokoyama Y, Esat T, Esat T, Esat T, Esat T
Long Term Variations of uranium Isotopes and Radiocarbon in the Surface Seawater Recorded in Corals
Global Environmental Change in the Oceans and on Land
Terra Scientific Publishers, Toyko (2004) 279-309

Journal article

Gagan M, McGregor H, Esat T, Fallon S, Yokoyama Y
Coral Record of Younger Dryas Chronozone Warmth on the Great Barrier Reef
Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology 35, 12()
Hirabayashi S, Yokoyama Y, Suzuki A, Esat T, Miyairi Y, Aze T, Siringan F, Maeda Y
Local marine reservoir age variability at Luzon Strait in the South China Sea during the Holocene
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research: Section B 455() 171-177
Webster J, Braga J, Humblet M, Potts D, Iryu Y, Yokoyama Y, Esat T, Fallon S, Iryu Y, Thompson W, Thomas A, McGregor H
Response of the Great Barrier Reef to sea-level and environmental changes over the past 30,000 years
Nature Geoscience 11, 6() 426-432
Yokoyama Y, Esat T, Thompson W, Thomas A, Webster J, Miyairi Y, Sawada C, Aze T, Matsuzaki H, Okuno J, Fallon S, Braga J
Rapid glaciation and a two-step sea level plunge into the Last Glacial Maximum
Nature 559, 7715() 603-607
Yokoyama Y, Esat T
GEOLOGY Deep-sea corals feel the flow
Science 354, 6312() 550-551
Felis T, McGregor H, Linsley B, Tudhope A, Gagan M, Suzuki A, Inoue M, Thomas A, Esat T, Thompson W, Tiwari M, Potts D, Mudelsee M, Yokoyama Y, Webster J
Intensification of the meridional temperature gradient in the Great Barrier Reef following the Last Glacial maximum
Nature Communications 5, 4102() 4102-4102
Yokoyama Y, Esat T
Global Climate and Sea Level Enduring Variability and Rapid Fluctuations Over the Past 150,000 Years
Oceanography 24, 2() 54-69
Esat T, Yokoyama Y
Coupled uranium isotope and sea-level variations in the oceans
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 74, 24() 7008-7020
Dutton A, Dutton A, Scicchitano G, Scicchitano G, Monaco C, Monaco C, Desmarchelier J, Desmarchelier J, Antonioli F, Antonioli F, Lambeck K, Lambeck K, Esat T, Esat T, Esat T, Esat T, Fifield K, Fifield K, McCulloch M, McCulloch M, Mortimer G, Mortimer G
Uplift rates defined by U-series and 14C ages of serpulid-encrusted speleothems from submerged caves near Siracusa, Sicily (Italy)
Quaternary Geochronology 4, 1() 2-10
Esat T, Esat T, Esat T, Esat T, Yokoyama Y, Yokoyama Y
Issues in radiocarbon and U-series dating of corals from the last glacial period
Quaternary Geochronology 3() 244-252
Esat T, Esat T, Esat T, Esat T, Yokoyama Y, Yokoyama Y
Variability in the uranium isotopic composition of the oceans over glacial-interglacial timescales
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 70() 4140-4150
Esat T, Esat T, Esat T, Esat T, Yokoyama Y, Yokoyama Y
Growth patterns of the last ice age coral terraces at Huon Peninsula
Global and Planetary Change 54, 2006() 216-224
Yokoyama Y, Esat T, Lambeck K, Fifield K
Last Ice Age Millennial Scale Climate Changes Recorded in Huon Peninsula Corals
Radiocarbon 42, 3() 383-401
Esat T, Taylor S
Isotope fractionation in the solar system
International Geology Review 41() 31-46
Esat T, Taylor S
Isotope fractionation in the solar system
International Geology Review 41, 1() 31-46
Esat T, Lambeck K, McCulloch M
Timing and duration of the Last Interglacial: Evidence for a restricted interval of widespread coral reef growth
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 160, 3-Apr() 745-762

Journal short contribution

Yokoyama Y, Yokoyama Y, Esat T, Esat T, Esat T, Esat T
"Comment on "Extending the radiocarbon calibration beyond 26,000 years before present using fossil corals""
Quaternary Science Reviews 25, 21-22() 3081-3083

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